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Pinegrove: Tiny Desk Concert
There's a confessional quality to the songs of Pinegrove that feels reassuring. Watch the New Jersey band squeeze four songs into a scrappy, warmhearted 13-minute set.

Pinegrove went down to NPR’s offices and recorded a Tiny Desk Concert. You can now stream the entire thing over on their website. Seriously watch it, it’s awesome.

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>MTF Operator:</b> No visual! No visual!<p/><b>MTF Commander:</b> He's here! Room Two Two Six!<p/><b>Lemony Snicket, standing behind a file cabinet:</b> In most tactical situations, communication between comrades is crucial to keep your forces informed of changes in the battlefield.<p/><b>MTF Commander:</b> He's monologuing again! Stinger out!<p/><b>Lemony Snicket, using a desk as cover:</b> It is also important your enemies can't hear your communications, as they wouldn't be able to make counters to your plans. Such as in this instance, where our opponent yelled 'Stinger', which is an anti-riot, less lethal grenade, that propels rubber balls instead of sharp, lethal shrapnel.<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

Pairing: ReaderXReid

Inspiration: Imagine by @imaginativefandom

A/N: I really liked this imagine and was inspired to write a little story off of it, hope you all like it :) Also this is a really short one so sorry!!

“Come on pretty boy, you’ve never had one of those ‘love at first sight’ moments?” Derek chuckled, leaning back in his chair as he put his feet up on his paper covered desk. 

“’Love at first sight’ isn’t real, love by definition is an intense feeling of deep affection.” Spencer spoke, flipping through a pile of files in search of the one that Penelope had asked him to find and analyze. “You can’t have affection for someone with out knowing them at all. What most people experience is lust at first sight and they call it love because they don’t understand simple emotions.”

“What about soulmates?” Prentiss suddenly spoke from her own desk, having been listening in on the conversation since t first began a few minutes ago.

“Soulmates aren’t real either.” Spencer spoke, finally finding the file and removing it from the pile, opening it and beginning to look over it. “You can have a lot in common with someone, however in the end no one is a carbon copy of each other on a personality level. Even various twin studies have shown that while genetically two people can be identical, their personalities are determined by the environment and who they surround themselves with.”

“What about the story with Zeus?” you suddenly spoke, the new voice causing everyone, including Spencer, to look up at you. You were standing next to Hotch who was also looking at you now, a small smile on his face.

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“The story goes that people were put on this Earth with double of everything, then one day Zeus got angry and ripped all the people in half.” you continued, glancing around at everyone in the room, meeting with all their eyes for only a moment before moving onto the next. 

The only eyes that caught you into a firm stare were Spencer’s, his hazel brown eyes locking you in. 

“And even if that story seems completely ridiculous and you don’t believe in soulmates, it’s a comfort to most people to believe that no matter how messed up they are there’s someone who will love them.” you finished, bringing your small rant to an end only to have the room fill with silence. You still didn’t remove your eyes from Spencer’s, his own eyes not moving away from yours as well.

“Well everyone, this is our new agent (Y/N) (Y/L/N).” Hotch spoke after a moment, a smile still on his face, the realization of how well you would fit in with the team only now hitting him. “We have a few more papers to fill out in my office but after that I want everyone to meet in the conference room so we can start going over a new case.” he instructed before beginning to walk towards his office, you following him closely. 

“You sure you don’t believe in ‘love at first sight’?” Derek chuckled the moment Hotch’s door closed, looking at Spencer’s slight opened mouth and wide eyes.

fave study aesthetic: annotating notes in pajamas, taking breaks to work on nanowrimo. the desk is covered in hihglighters and pens and notebooks. drinking three bottles of water in one sitting. kanye west and nicki minaj blasting in the background. haven’t finished everything that needed to get done, but this will get done before bed no matter what. 


Lafayette x Reader


You sat in my room, staring at the wall, your thoughts a jumbled mess. You couldn’t think straight.

School was getting to you recently, you weren’t able to keep up with everything that people were throwing on you.

Your room was just as messy as your head. Clothes were all over the floor, papers were covering your desk in clumps of work that loomed over you.

Your bed was a pile of blankets and the trash was overflowing the crumpled paper and tissues.

It was not a good situation.

There was no time to do anything fun either. No time for friends, or spending time with Lafayette, your best friend and crush.

But everything was looming over you so much that you had completely shut down.

There was nothing that you could do, you just sat there and stared at your wall.

Somewhere in your apartment there was a sound of a door opening, but you barely registered it.


Lafayette? What is he doing here?

“Y/N are you here?”

You didn’t respond.

“Mon dieu. Y/N what is going on!” He cried.

You sniffled.

A tear escaped your eye.

“Oh my Y/N. Come here.”

He scooped you up into his arms and carried you out into your living room.

“Y/N what is going on? Are you alright?”

You started crying and poured out your heart to him, all of your worries spilling from your lips.

He soothed you, holding you in his arms.

“I will help you my dear. But how about we start with a nice warm shower?”

You nodded and he helped you up, taking you to the bathroom. You took a long shower, taking your time to freshly clean yourself.

When you got out and entered your room you were shocked at the state of it. It had been cleaned.


Nobody answered, but you could hear humming coming from the kitchen. YOu wandered in, seeing Lafayette cooking you some soup.


He spun around, staring at you with a smile.

“Do you feel better?” he asked.

“Yes. Thank you very much for your help.”

He lead you over to the table with a bowl of soup, settling you down into a chair.

“Anything for you.”

RFA Members with children😊

- He’s holding his baby while explaining LOLOL to them
- “Yoosung, our baby is six months old.”
- He takes them to games conventions as Player 3
- Or a LOLOL character
- They have a dog, a really fluffy one
- And their cat Lisa
- MC and Yoosung see them cuddling and they send pictures to the group chat
- Seeing Yoosung with his child is adorable
- He’s cooing at them and singing
- Calls himself in the third person
- He takes so many videos and shows them to people
- At work and at parties
- Pulls on Uncle Zen’s hair
- Seven will dress them up
- His desk is covered with pictures of you all
- As his kid grows up, he does their hair in the morning
- He watched some videos on how to do different styles
- Makes adorable packed lunches
- Let’s be honest, your kid has brown hair and purple eyes
- And they are as adorable as Yoosung
- He gets emotional at every milestone
- First word, first steps, going to school for the first time
- They are a really close family

- Pictures everywhere
- He loves bringing them everywhere
- To his shoots or shows
- His little princess/prince
- They are extremely spoiled
- But still down to earth
- They are a model for kidswear
- This kid has red eyes like their father
- Zen is sobbing when he sees them for the first time
- MC and Zen try to take their child for walks in the stroller
- Paparazzi though
- They start sneezing near cats
- Protective parent mode
- Jumin better not bring Elizabeth near their child
- Seven dresses them in all kinds of things
- Including in a business suit
- And a cat outfit
- Seven is banned from their house
- Jaehee adores the cutie
- Zen’s good looks and MC’s personality
- She is a protective aunt
- As presents she gives them microphones and small versions
- Of Zen’s stage outfits
- She is occassionally a babysitter

- Her baby means the world to her
- If her child is sick, she will not go to work
- The responsible mother
- Nearly had a heart attack when they started sucking on a stapler
- Baby proofed everything
- Will not let Elizabeth near her child
- She might scratch them or suffocate them
- They start learning from an early age
- They are very bright for their age
- Pictures and good grades are put up on the fridge
- Encourages her child to follow their dreams
- Super supportive of whatever they want to do
- She has contacts too
- Gets very involved in the school meetings
- Both her and MC want the best for their child
- Her child gets into judo too
- Training montage
- MC takes pictures
- Proud parents

- He cried when his child was born
- Suddenly his world revolved around this small being in his arms
- His child gets the best of the best
- Okay they are a bit spoilt
- Baby is born with tons of black hair
- Elizabeth the 3rd will stand and protect the small human
- She hisses when strange people try and touch said human
- Seven breaks in to play with the child
- MC is there
- Tickling the baby and telling them stories of God Seven
- Jumin gets mad
- Extra security
- MC says it’s fine, their baby is never far from either of them
- Seven took loads of pictures and videos
- They are put on the chat later
- “Looking like trust fund kid alreadyyy lololol”
- Jumin sighs loudly but
- They do?

- God Seven
- Loves
- His
- Kids
- So much
- MC has identical twins
- “Saeran, look!”
- MC giggles at Saeran’s bored expression
- But he is really attached to them already
- “How about one called Honey Buddha and–”
- “No.” :P
- Their nursery has glowing stars on the ceiling
- And rocket mobiles above their cots
- He programs it to play him singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
- MC cries because it’s so cute
- Seven will dress them up
- “Saeyoung, why are our kids dressed up as Zen and Jumin?”
- Turns out they were play fighting and needed the right outfits for it
- Their first words are “dadda” and “lol”
- He will send this to everyone
- Tom likes every picture
- Jumin has set up a bank account for them to access when they are 18
- They call him cat mom
- Jaehee gives them toys for learning
- They are already really smart
- Zen’s hair gets pulled. A LOT.
- Yoosung gets tricked by them
- When they are 7, they fool Yoosung into drinking a pint of chocolate milk
- When they’re 12, they convince him he has a ghost in his apartment
- God Seven and his babies prank everyone
- They both have in depth knowledge of memes
- They are next in line for the Meme Lord title

Corvo spends his day off bothering Emily
  • Corvo, wandering into the room carrying a bunch of letters: Emily, what's these messages on MarkedSpace? Someone called Delilah wants to be my friend?
  • Emily, peering at him over the mountains of papers and documents from Parliament covering her desk: No one uses MarkedSpace anymore, dad, it's so uncool
  • Alexi, from her place by the window: It's probably a noblewoman who fancies you, Corvo. Seems like you've got a secret admirer!
  • Emily: Normal people use VoidBook instead dad, it's so much better.
  • Alexi: See if you have any friends in common.
  • Corvo: Let me see... there's one. Daud.
  • Alexi: Daud? THE Daud? Nah you don't want to have anything to do with this Delilah. Give that to me *she goes to chuck the letters out the window*
  • Emily, warningly: Alexi?
  • Alexi: Oh yes you're right, majesty. That would be silly. *she throws the letters into the fireplace instead*
Too Much

James Madison x Reader

Note: I am so sorry this took so long to get done, I’ve been trying to write it for days and all I’ve been able to do is write a few lines and then stop so hopefully this helps you! Also I picked Madison because I’ve never written him before and I wanted to give him a shot

Request: @sweaterkitty-fluff asked: Could you possibly write a Madison or Hamilton x reader fic where they are trying to calm down an S/O that is stressing over finals so much that they just suddenly breakdown. I am heaving a rough pre-finals week, thanks ily

AU: Modern

Word Count: 928

Originally posted by imayhavepunchedhim-itsablursir

Your desk is covered in every textbook you own, all of them open on different pages but you haven’t been able to concentrate on a single word for at least the past hour. Every time you attempt to focus on one subject, one textbook, you find yourself reading the same sentence over and over.

A week, you have a week until finals start and you feel like there is absolutely no way in hell you will be able to remember everything you need to know before then. There is just too much information to know and all of a sudden it feels like you’ve forgotten everything you’ve learned in your classes.

You can feel the way you’re working yourself up, feel the way you’re getting more anxious by the minute but there is nothing you can do to stop it as it washes over you. You can feel the tears welling up behind your eyes and the panic that is churning in your stomach becoming worse and worse by the second.

When someone knocks on your bedroom door you don’t realize that it takes almost four knocks for it to register and for you to finally call out to them.

“Come in” You don’t look up from your books as you hear the door open and close behind someone. You try your best to bury your panic as you stare down at your books so whoever it is doesn’t see you like this.

“Hey Y/N, you wanted to study calculus right?” you’re slightly shocked to hear James’s voice as you’d forgotten that you had called him the night before and asked him to help you out.

He’s always been so much better at calc than you, always understood it quicker than you can ever manage to grasp it and has never had a problem with coming by

“Right, yeah. Thanks for coming” you mumble, not looking up at him.

“Um Y/N are you okay?” hearing the concern in his voice you glance up at him, tears burning in your eyes.

“I can’t do this James” you mutter before the tears come crashing down your cheeks.

He quickly drops his bag to the ground and pulls you into a hug, rubbing you back soothingly as you sob into his shirt. “It’s all too much! There’s too much to know I can’t memorize it all by next week” you manage to get out as you cry into him.

He pulls you away from him so he can look at you. “Of course you’ll be able to remember it all. You just need to take a break and then get back to it, come on”

Taking you by the hand James leads you out of you room and downstairs to the kitchen where he stops briefly to pour two glasses of water. He doesn’t speak as he leads you out the back door and to the back steps where the two of you sit down.

“James what are we doing out here?” You ask. He shakes his head and hands you a glass of water.

“Drink. Then talk” he says, sipping from his own glass.

The cold water soothes your throat as it goes down and the fresh air you breathe into your lungs helps calm you until the sense of panic is gone from your stomach.

“How did you know this would help?” You asks softly, too tired after your panic to try to speak any louder.

“I do this when everything seems too much. It helps clear my head, even if I just sit here for a few minutes before heading back in and get back to work. It makes everything seem clearer” he explains.

You move to sit beside him and rest your head against his shoulder. “Thank you Jamie” you mutter and he smiles.

“Not a problem. Now come on, let’s get back to it. I promise that you’ll start to remember what you need to know”

And he was right, as soon as the two of you made it back to your bedroom and he started talking you through the work, explaining how to do it and why it’s done that way, everything suddenly felt so much easier.

The two of you sat together, squashed at your one person desk, working on the theories and formulas you’ll need for your final for hours not realizing the time.

“Do you realize we’ve been doing this for three hours?” James asks suddenly, sitting back in his chair and frowning at his watch.

“Three hours? No way it’s been more like one maybe one and a half?” You ask but as you glance over at his watch your frown grows to match his. “Oh shit, I learnt more in three hours than I did all day” you mutter.

James stands up and starts packing his books back into his bag.

“I have to get home or I’ll be late for dinner, are you going to be okay?” He asks.

“Hm? Oh yeah I’ll be okay, you really calmed me down earlier and if I start to freak out again I’ll do what you told me” you assure him and he smiles.

You stand up, move over to where he stands by the door and press a kiss to his cheek. “Thank you James”

“It’s no problem, if you need me again just call me okay? If I can’t come over I can at least try to calm you down through the phone” he explains before he opens the door and you follow him out of your room.

tadhdf ur an art student with ADHD trying to do your art history readin and because you have adhd your desk is messy aka covered in art supplies and so u… u start sculpting something with the clay on your desk and oh no now it’s midnight and then ur modernism class is tomorrow and none of ur friends can help u focus because SO MANY OTBER ART STUDENTS ALSO HAVE ADHD….

Imagine: Forcing Hux Away From His Desk To Rest But The Workers Get The Wrong Idea.

“Hux this is ridiculous,” you scolded as you walk into his office only to find his desk covered in paperwork.

“It has to be done Y/N,” he sighed, running a finger through his soft ginger locks.

“Darling you’re stressed, you need to rest. What good of a general are you going to be if you’re stressed out, hey?” You whispered soothingly. You walked over to him and leaned your head on his shoulder and kissed his neck softly a few times.

“There’s no time to rest,” he groaned as he threw his head back to expose his neck to make it easier to kiss it. “We can stay here. I’ll continue doing paper and you can do whatever you want.”

“No,” you stated simply and bit down on his neck sucking it slightly. “You’re coming to bed with me to rest  whether you like it or not.”

“I can’t-” he started however you cut him off with a growl.

“General Armitage Hux,” you warned. “You have 3 seconds to stand up and move that sexy butt of yours to our shared quarters or I’ll make you.” He sat upright and stared at you in shock, blinking slowly. You hardly ever say his full name but when you do it drives him crazy. “One.”

“My love this isn’t necessary,” he started.


“Y/N,” He sighed, however still remained seated.

“Three,” You finished before grabbing his arm and yanking him up. “If you’d have listened to me I wouldn’t have to do this.” You opened his office door and pulled him out. You locked his door quickly and pulled him to your shared quarters only to hear little comments that made you smirk.

“They’re probably going to get it off.” “Yeah, I heard him give a little groan while they were in there.” “Lucky bastard.” “I’ve walked passed their door while they’ve been doing it and from what I heard the sex is amazing.”

You smirked to yourself, but honestly. Forcing Hux to his shared quarters was a completely innocent idea, at first. You opened the door to your room and you pulled him in, only to be pushed against the door and have lips attach to yours. “I,” he whispered against your lips. “Love,” he placed his hands on your hips and bit your bottom lip. “You,” he ran his hands through your hair and cupped your face with his hands as you both smiled into the kiss.

“I love you too,” you replied pulling him towards the bed where, lets say, you had some fun.

Mr. Asshole (2) - Fluff/Angst


Y/N goes to an all girls boarding school, so she never expected her own drink to be kicked over her by some mysterious boy. Min Yoongi owes Y/N a coffee, and according to him, she owes him a conversation. 

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Poly!Hamilsquad x Reader
Words: 548
Request: poly!hamilsquad x reader, where she’s stressing over a paper & snippish & shaky (hence the eight empty coffee cups around the desk) and just in general on edge, so they (namely hypocritical alex™) gotta calm her down

hi i’ve never done a poly!hamilsquad before but now it’s a thing! i have nothing exciting to say honestly, so ENJOY! requests are opennnnn


Whenever exams came around, your stress and anxiety instantly increased. You tended to work a hundred times harder than usual, often forgetting to take care of yourself.

It was a week until your exams and you hadn’t stopped working. Your desk was covered with various empty coffee mugs and scrunched up pieces of paper. You had been working on your music essay, which was worth sixty percent of your final mark.

After a few hours of wasted work, you decided to get up to take a quick break. You walked towards the bathroom, attempting to open the door. You groaned when finding it was locked. “Whoever’s in there, I want you to know I am going to fight you when you get out!” You exclaimed.

The door opened, revealing Lafayette who was frowning at you. “Calmer, mon amour,” He said, patting your head lightly. You slapped his hand away, screwing up your face at him and stomping into the bathroom. You slammed the door, locking it.

You did your business, re-emerging a few moments later to see three out of your four boyfriends standing in front of the door. “(Y/N), we’re having an intervention,” Hercules stated. You scoffed, attempting to push past them. “Get out of the way, I have work to get done.”

“You’ve been working nonstop for the past couple of days, I don’t even remember seeing you eat anything,” John stated, grabbing your hands and stopping you from moving any further.

“Please, mon amour, we just want you to be healthy. You need rest,” Lafayette said quietly. You groaned, pulling your hands away from John’s and pushing past them, only to bump into Alexander. You pushed past him, going back to her desk. You sat down, continuing your essay.

“What’s going on?” Alexander asked.

“She hasn’t stopped working on this essay in days. You know how she gets around exams,” John replied, biting his lip.

“In case you haven’t realised, I’m sitting right here!” You exclaimed, turning to glare at them. “I want peace and quiet, so unless you’re going to give me that, I’m going to the library.” You shoved all of your stuff into a bag angrily, heading for the door. Alexander stopped you, locking the door quickly.

“(Y/N), you need to stop. Now,” He said firmly. You shook your head, trying to unlock the door. He sighed.

“If I had of taken a break, I wouldn’t have lost everyone’s trust. Listen to the people around you. We love you and we want you to rest. I know you’re worried, but the majority of people in your class will get the essay done the night before. You’re on track, you have time, you need to take a break,” Alex stated.

You slowly removed your bag from your shoulder, starting to cry. “I don’t wanna fail,” You whispered, your bottom lip trembling. All four boys rushed forward quickly, pulling you into a tight hug.

“You’re not going to fail. You’re going to ace your exams and your assignments,” Alexander replied, rubbing your back.

“You’re going to be okay,” Hercules said, pressing a kiss to your forehead. You blushed slightly, nodding slowly. “Can we cuddle?” You whispered.

“We wouldn’t want to spend our night any other way,” John said, pulling you over to the couch.

signs as urban dictionary definitions

aries: intense fuckery- when you are tired/bored and sober, and fuck around too much and end up doing something you will regret.

taurus: 3 o’clock flop- the sensation that happens after eating carbs for lunch. 

gemini: refriend- to pass your old hoe to one of your friends. 

cancer: burritoing- the act of wrapping yourself in multiple blanket, nearing, but not reaching the point of suffocation. 

leo: fancy bitch- a classy, elegant, self-sufficient woman who carries herself with dignity and pride and takes no shit from any bitch, male or female.

virgo: desk staging- the practice of covering your desk with papers, completed work, and other important-looking papers to give the appearance that you are really busy when you are just searching the net, watching YouTube and doing other non-important things.

libra: f&f- flirting and forgetting. used after a break up, when you want to forget your ex by flirting with other people. 

scorpio: romantic hate- when you hate someone, but you have a connection with them. you are the person’s enemy, but you’re always with them and can’t look away. 

sagittarius: kicking dicks- doing nothing. not doing anything useful.

capricorn: google proved- when your trying to prove someone wrong and immediately refer to Google to debunk your theory. 

aquarius: :3- It’s supposed to be a coy internet smiley face, resembling something like a cat, cuteness in nature.I personally think it looks like a ballsack mouth.

pisces: emotional whore- a person who shares the most intimate details of their life/heartbreak/feelings with strangers because it’s cheaper than mental healthcare, and not subject to the same bias or advice that the person could receive from someone closer to the situation.