My day in photos:
1) Woke up at 06:00 and went for a run
2) packing lunch and making breakfast: i had quiche and lasagne packed for a long day at school
3) had time to sit down and go thru my day and drink a cup of tea with my breakfast
4)after the lectures where done I went to the study rooms to try and get thru some notes
5) working on some old lectures that I still hadn’t managed to finish
6) ended up at home earlier then I thought because it got so warm at school, and I changed my background to get new inspiration
7) after dinner( my lasagna 👌🏻) I went back to studying again, and then did the stupid mistake of starting a new tv show.. 1 week before my exam 😅🙈


28|7 today i 

  • went to work from 7.00-3.00
  • went to the bank 
  • then into university to sort out some finance issues 
  • popped into paperchase to waste some £££
  • made and applied a avocado mask onto my dry hair
  • sorted through one side of my desk drawer
  • tidied up my room 

and now i’m pooped, i hope your thursday has been a productive one, here’s to a less strenuous friday!!


23/09/16: it took me a while but here are the pictures of my new desk!! i still need to buy some stuff to finish it but i’m really happy how it turned out!! ✨☄️