How I Organize My Study

Hey guys, so after a number of requests I finally decided to create a mini tour of my study space! Now, my desk may not be as aesthetic or clean as other desks you might have seen around the community, but I do believe that different people have different preferences.

Here’s an overall look into my desk area. As some of you might know, I share a study room with my two sisters, and we each get a corner to ourselves. I like to divide the area into two parts: the desk and the bookshelves.

The Desk

On top of my desk

  • A handmade desk organizer where I keep some stationery
  • A blackboard and chalk for announcements and reminders
  • Some post-it notes
  • A framed inspirational poster thing

‘Inside’ my desk, which has smaller drawers and cabinets inside

  • A hole puncher
  • A pen case
  • Memo pad
  • More post it notes
  • Basic stationery like scissors, pens, and a ruler. I actually have a smaller drawer with unused pens and pencils
  • Markers


  • Things I often use, such as currently used notebooks, journals, flash cards, loose leafs, and my pencil case
  • Journaling and scrapbooking material such as colored/patterned paper, stickers, washi tapes, postcards, and kikki.K paper lovers books.
  • Magazines, extra loose leafs, ongoing journals that aren’t used as often,
  • Books, phone cases, unused notebooks, used notebooks, my crocheting kit, and watercolor and acrylic paints.

Three bookshelves

One: Mostly novels, but it also contains my planner, iPad, bible, kindle, journals I often use, dictionaries, and a speaker. As an avid reader, it’s hard not to stuff my bookshelf with all my favorite books. I do have a larger collection upstairs in front of my room, but you know sometimes you just want to have your dearest books close to you.

Two: Mostly textbooks and subject folders, as well as other educational books. Aside from my school books, I have books from the Princeton review (which I highly recommend), Sparknotes, and books on coding.

Three: SAT material, Avatar: The Last Airbender comics, and three magazine files with old binders, old notebooks, recent magazines, old files I’ll still use in the near future, and my piano theory book. I’ve also stored B5 folders here for when I need to separate the notes in my binder.

On top of bookshelf 1, I have two binders, my Rhodia notepad, and three dreamcatchers. On top of bookshelves 2 and 3, I have another desk organizer that I made myself, with paperclips, staples, clothespins, and small post it notes. I also have my colored pens, mildliners, highlighters, and paintbrushes in pen boxes.

On a side note, I don’t have inspirational quotes or a moodboard or anything on the wall to which my desk faces mainly because they don’t help much. I’d rather have pictures of people who have influenced my life greatly with their music. I think it’s a matter of what keeps you going.

So there you have it! Hope this was thorough enough, and please don’t hesitate to ask any further questions. Aside from that, it’d be really interesting to see others’ study spaces as well, so make sure you tag me in your posts if you ever decide to share it :)


Stayed up all night analyzing “I heard a Fly buzz - when I died” for my second literature class. I didn’t like it at first, but now I’m utterly obsessed with this poem… There is something dark, deep inside of it…


Vintage industrial Furniture’s Bronx Table featured with different designs


23/09/16: it took me a while but here are the pictures of my new desk!! i still need to buy some stuff to finish it but i’m really happy how it turned out!! ✨☄️

i haven’t made my own studyblr post in nearly a year…*sighs*

Well here’s an update of my study space/room if anyone is interested! the last time i posted a photo of this area, it didn’t have all those photos on the walls. But i’m really glad i have them now because every time i’m staying up super late at night trying to plow through some procrastinated homework, looking at all the different pictures makes my mood at least a little bit better :-) 

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Making notes for my Administration Law exam on Tuesday ✨ trying to stick to my studying schedule as much as I can 😁 making A3 posters with a condensed version of my notes for revision! I stick them up on my cupboard and walls and learn them from there, cause if I sit for too long I get board and fidgety 🙈 how do you all revise?