Chapter 22 : a real freshstart

Lately I discovered that I was worrying too much about things that don’t needed my attention. I was striving to be perfect instead of being happy. I put myself priorities that weren’t in alignment with my values. I was putting too much pressure on myself for nothing.

And I think we are a lot in the same situation. Today’s society always want you to buy more, to do more, to be more. Media are obsessed with extraordinary people because this is what brings views and money. And as a consequence, we feel as we need to be extraordinary too if we want success, love and fortune. But most of us are just normal. And it’s totally ok because the truth is that you can’t be perfect in every aspect of your life! And if you strive for perfection you’ll always feel like something’s missing and you’ll end up anxious and depressed. And this is what was happening to me. I reached a point where I could no longer wake up without feeling out of breath. I was struggling so much that my body reacted really strongly and I had to slow down and think about what I was doing and what I really wanted.

Today it’s my birthday, and from now on I only want to focus on my well being. I want to re-align my values with my priorities. I want to focus on improvement instead of perfection. I want to surround myself with people that genuinely care about me no matter what. I want to take more time for myself. I want to read more and expand my knowledge. I want to spend money on experiences rather than things.

So cheers to this new year to come and to my new real and meaningfull life🥂


21.10.18 // Study Weekend 📓

I missed posting on Instagram this week, as I had to take a break from social media because I needed to focus on studying! I have final exams next week + a study trip, so I cannot wait to share more about that soon, but this weekend was spent at my desk, studying! I hope you all had a productive weekend!💕

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okay now that we’ve got pride and prejudice (2005) going in the background the to-do list for today is looking a little friendlier!!

  • make schedule for this week
  • heller and heller
  • bode and osborne
  • ellis
  • pohl
  • s. w. poems
  • s. w. transcription
  • conjure stories
  • tutorial plan for tomorrow/wednesday
  • emails to M
  • emails to B
  • life to-do’s:
    • grocery shop
    • run a load of laundry
    • outfits for the week

do i love it when the sun is shining or do i love it when the sun is shining? just finishing up my readings for my seminar this evening and then i’m going to head out to campus for office hours this afternoon (where i’m going to tackle the intro for this project and figure out a(n ambitious) gameplan for getting this beautifully messy thing done by december)