Hey guys! 
So i just decided to show you my study area - i just cleaned my room and moved my desk and I’m quite please with the outcome. It’s way more practical like that and i think there is still enough light coming in because of the window. Basically, before, my desk was situated the other way round, with the small base pushed to the wall, but somehow, it was kinda disturbing, probably because of the roof pitch. I prefer it this way. 
If you’re wondering where the furniture is from - i got everything from Ikea. 

However, I also have to tell you guys that I probably won’t be posting much, if anything at all, for the next few weeks. I don’t have a phone right now and i’m simply just too lazy to take pictures with my camera and post them from my computer. Maybe i’ll post something every week, depending on how fast i get my phone back. Also, I’m really busy with universtity at the moment and I kind of have the feeling that i’m too far behind, aka I need to catch up with my notes. Well anyways! I hope you guys have a good few days off and i wish you a happy Whit sunday!