desist and cease to exist

million dollar idea

Tap on Tap; a bar/restaurant where all the servers tapdance. I open it in the heart of downtown New York and the price is steep but several Broadway bigshots are willing to invest. All the staff are looking to make a name for themselves in showbiz. They’re all struggling, but I pay them almost minimum wage to turn maximum profits. The place is a huge novelty hit with tourists and we make back our initial investment in the first year. Unfortunately, we get hit with a cease and desist by Tap on Tap, a previously existing restaurant that does the same thing but with wrestlers. By the time the joint gets closed down and investigated for dubious food ingredients I’m already in the Bahamas living with Cynthia, my favorite tapdancing waitress. She’s young, beautiful, and she “forgets” to call the ambulance one morning when I choke on a grapefruit. She tries to get my empire after the funeral but I have the last laugh when all my money goes to the non-profit theater that turned her down for the role of Annie in the seventh grade.