A collection of the best responses I saw and some of my own ideas for drink/snack names:

Same Old Shit
Fuck Yeah
That Was Mahogany
In-Laws Staying Over
Relatives up My Ass (previous one, only bigger)
No Fucks
No Flying Fucks (previous one with an extra something)
Invaded Russia in Winter (pretty self-explainatory)
I’m Surrounded by Idiots a.k.a., The Lion King
Here For the Wifi (cheapest drink on the menu)

so this is my best friend. she’s helped me get through a lot of things over the years that i probably wouldn’t have been able to overcome on my own. i consider her my guardian angel. and today i had to say goodbye to her for a little while as i go off to college. distance isn’t a new concept for our friendship, however it’s still bittersweet as hell (emphasis on the bitter part).
but i take comfort in knowing that she’s going to do so many great things, and though i won’t be able to be with her at youth group this year, i’ll be cheering her on from the sidelines as enthusiastically as possible.
good luck<3