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Answer these questions:

1. How tall are you? - 6 ft

2. Which colour and style is your hair? - dark brown-black. Shortish

3. Which colour are your eyes? - brown

4. Do you wear glasses/contacts? – glasses

5. Do you wear braces? – Never did never will have to.

6. What is your fashion style? – Black Jeans, Black shirt, Black sneakers, ying necklace/shark tooth necklace, clip on shades over my glasses.

7. What is your full name? - Due to a legal contract with Hyperion I am not allowed to disclose my full name.

8. When were you born? - February 12th

9. How old are you? - 18

10. Where are you from/live now? – PA, USA
11. Do you have siblings and what are their names? – one 6 year old brother who annoys me, 19 year old half sister who probably doesn’t even know I exist, and a shit ton of people I claim as siblings.

12. What school/college do you go to? - None right now. I wanna save money for college. Also I need to take my SATs so I can get into college.

13. What kind of a student are you? - the kind that gives no fucks
14. Do you even like school? - that’s a complicated question.
15. What are your favourite school subjects? – Lunch
16. What are your favourite TV shows? Shield, the 100, flash, arrow, spn

17. What are your favourite movies? - The matrix trilogy I guess

18. What are your favourite books? - DOSAB Trilogy by far the best series I’ve read.

19. What is your favourite pastime? – gaming, tv
20. Do you have any regrets? – yeah but I guess not too because if I changed any of them a lot of other shit would change probably

21. What is your dream job? – Dictator of the world
22. Would you like to get married one day and where? – Yeah but idk where. Maybe in front of a waterfall.

23. Would you like to have kids one day and how many? - I want a son and a daughter, but I probably shouldn’t have kids for many reasons.

24. Are you a girly girl, a regular girl or more of a tomboy? (or an actual boy) – I’m a dude
25. Do you like shopping? – If I had money I would love it

26. What countries have you visited so far? - Skyrim, Morrowind, Lordran, Pandora.
What is the scariest nightmare you have ever had? – It never used to be scary. I always felt at peace during it. But now that I know other people who’ve had that dream, and that I couldn’t find them in time it bothers me. It was so vivid. But I’m too lazy to describe it.

28. Do you have enemies? – Who doesn’t?

29. Who are your best friends? - that’s a confusing question for me

30. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend and what is their name? - Forever alone
31. What is the biggest lie you have ever told to anyone? - I forgive you
32. Do you believe in miracles? - Depends

Put your phone on shuffle and write down 5-30 songs that come up WITHOUT SKIPPING!
Throat full of glass
Right round
Barbie girl
Boulevard of broken dreams
I don’t care

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