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Home Sweet Home…

I’m so hyped to be back in Dallas, I’ve been missing Hubby & Rhi so freaking much! 😭 This also means Hubby & I can start thinking about ideas for our Wedding and such which I’m super excited about 🙈🙈. 

Hope you guys are doing good though! ☺️😚



I had to do this on my birthday because I feel like I was born for you Desiree! 

She’s sooo amazing and I don’t want to live without her.

 I want to be the man you’ve always dreamed of because you are the perfect woman for me,

 even when you change your hair color 30 times in one month haha.

 I’m honestly happiest when I’m with you and I never in a million years would have thought I would be doing this.

you’ve shown me what true love is and I’m thankful for that.

 You’re so beautiful inside and out and words can’t describe how much I love you. 

I plan to show you better than i can tell you because you deserve it all.

 I have so much respect for this woman.

 She’s pushed me to grow and become more of a man in just a year and I thank her for that again!

 I prayed for a Queen like you and you’ve made me a better King. 

No one compares to you in my eyes, 

I love you so much!

My soul is happy when i’m with you.

 I needed to do this right the first time so I made sure to bring you to the very spot where we had our first date and shared our first moments together.

 That’s why I had to ask you Desiree Abigail Jackson…to be my Queen forever..and to marry me.


Choosing A Wedding Cake 🍰😋

So today, Hubby & I got off of work early and headed to a nearby bakery so we could get an idea of what kind of Cake we would like for our wedding! I mean I’m not a fan of cake but I knew Hubby LOVES it so I trusted his judgement more than mine 😂😂 By the end of the day we had picked the filling, frosting, decorations and the type of cake of course. It was a fun day a bit messy too but that was because Kohlen decided to smear frosting on my nose 💀, I mean the frosting smelt good so I know it’ll taste good 😂🤷🏾‍♀️…

Next on the list…FOOD!! 😍🤤🤤


The Dress Fitting…👗

Lord knows i’ve been waiting for this weekend to come around because 1) All my gorgeous Bridesmaid’s could meet each other 2) I could see them all in their dresses! 😍😍 Prior to them getting here, my Mom & Bridesman came to the Wedding Boutique with me and we saw two stunning dresses 😭…Picking the Bridesmaids dress was a struggle fr 😂 but we eventually came to a decision!😌 Choosing my dress wasn’t any easier but we got there in the end 🙈 …Of course I wouldn’t have been able to choose if it wasn’t for my lovely Bridesmaids

@mahli-abia @ashter-blank @indyatellez @whodatnolacreole @babynoriii, and Camille my Maid Of Honour who we Facetimed too haha and of course My Momma & Bridesman 😂😂  So, that’s the dresses finally out of the way…9th Of December here we come…😌 😌 


Been Pretty Busy…😬😅

Hey, just thought I would show my face…🤷🏾‍♀️I’ve been really focused on trying to get a lot of things done and organised recently, hence the inactivity but I’m kinda back now…Kinda 😅 I hope you guys are doing good and everything…Stay tuned though because big things are coming 😌💚


Halfway There…

Guess who’s been inactive as hell but is back now? Meee! I have a good excuse I promise lmao. Between work, writing, wedding planning, eating, sleeping etc..It’s been hard for me to find some down time but I think I’m good for now…Did a lil sum sum while I was away too lol…Ombre Black & Brown Crochet Dreads for the win haha! 

OH! OAN: Halfway through writing the Sequel to “Voices”…Mhmmm…I’ve been working my ass off! Think I’m off to chill for the rest of the day though..

Thank God It’s Friday! 


FaceTime W/ Hubby & Cutie Pie…

Finally had some time to myself today so I decided to call Hubby, especially since he has Rhi Rhi with him. We pretty much spoke about the fact that Kohlen & myself we’re getting married lol by describing it as a Fairytale lmao. She got so excited about the fact that she was going to be a ‘Pwetty Pwincess’ too! It was honestly the cutest thing ever haha..So excited that the iPad fell off the bed! I love her honestly, still hasn’t really dawned on me that I’m gonna be her Step-Mom either lol…


NY Book Signing….😌😌

So after a lot of careful planning…the day of my very first book signing for my very first published book came! I’m honestly surprised at the amount of people who showed up, was quite unexpected really haha..😅😅.Although, I’m really happy with the turn out…Just look at all the beautiful girls who came to show their support!! 😭 😭 😍😍

@babynoriii @imjasminetaylor @indyatellez @jordyn96 @bourbon-creamss @ashter-blank @itsdevynnbitch @slayimani @nadinelockwood @babysloane @mrsimblr @ethiopianzen @realxshani

I’m so thrilled that I got to meet you guys! Or if I had already met you before, to see you again! All the support really means a lot to me fr…Even if you didn’t attend the book signing I still appreciate all the support you guys have shown! This is my very first book signing and will most definitely not be the last!! 💚💚


I swear every time I leave NY, I leave with a new tattoo…😅

I finally got that underboob tattoo I’ve been considering for a while! But I think I’m done with tats for now haha. I’m so hyped for my San Francisco Book Signing too (Last time to lemme know if you wanna attend)! My family are gonna be there and I’m excited to see them again! *Happy Dances* ☺️💃🏽

SN: Aren’t these slippers the cutest though?? 🐶😭


Guess who came to visit me in Dallas?! 😍😭 

For my birthday I didn’t really have any plans of going out or anything until @ashter-blank and @bourbon-creamss texted me saying they wanted to come and celebrate with me! 🙈🙈 A sleepover was definitely a MUST so I made sure to get lots of food (we’re all foodies, what do you expect?😋😋) and Mahli Mahli brought Jack D along lmao, definitely hyped for Saturday too…It’s gonna be a good time for sureeee 💃🏽😌🎉 Anyway, back to watching these horror films!!

*Click the pictures to read the captions*


So about this Book Signing…😬😬

For a couple weeks now I’ve been arranging my book signing with my publisher and we eventually got some dates finalised!! 😂😅 

Book Signing Date #1: 26th May 2017, NY. 2pm to 5pm

Book Signing Date #2: 2nd June 2017, San Francisco 2pm to 5pm

Anywhoooo, If you want to come to either of the Book Signings just message me by 22nd/23rd of this month and i’ll let you know all the extra details! ☺️💚


Just Arrived In NY…

And I am hungry & tired. The flight was alright despite the fact I had a nap and woke up with a stiff neck smh. I’ll be okay once I’ve had some food & coffee thoughhhh…Now that I’m in NY I can start getting things done…No.1 being…Apartment Hunting. Wish me luck haha.

OAN: Happy 4th Of July!


Back To Work…

Not gonna lie, work today was sorta stressful to say the least. Not even coffee could help smh 💀  but once I got back home my mood lifted because my Sugar Lips Lipstick Set by @stephlogan had arrived as I had agreed to review them for her which Is something i had never actually done before haha…😅

So, the set consisted of 18 shades of Matte lipsticks, varying from browns, pinks, blues and greens. I decided to go with this gorgeous burgundy colour since I’m a sucker for dark lipstick haha..The lipstick was really easy to apply and I only had to apply it once which was such a breeze as well as feeling really nice on my lips…I don’t usually wear lipsticks but i think I’ll be wearing this one for a bit haha. Thank you @stephlogan for sending them to me! <3


Day At The Park…🌳💚

Went to the park with Hubby today! I realised I hadn’t been rollerskating in a while so Hubby & I decided to have a lil lunch date at the park. We played on the Monkey Bars (Childish I know but I’m a child at heart lol 🙊), roller skated around the park (I didn’t even fall over…okay maybe once but I’m rusty 💀💀) and then we had a little picnic! It was a good way to spend our day off work! ☺️


Officially An Author! 😭🙊📝

Sooooooo, I was just doing me in work today and a package arrived…I opened it up and I finally received some copies of my book! I’m officially an author!!😭😭 I’m so excitedddd! I wanted to thank everyone that supported me through this journey, it’s been hard at times but I persevered through it and here i am! ☺️With my very first published book; Voices! I really hope you guys like it if you do buy it lmao. I’m also thinking of doing a book signing and reading soon but I’ll let you know once I’m sure! 😁

Literally cannot stop smiling!! 😭😭😁


Yesterday’s Turn Up W/ Indyaaaaaaa 😌💃🏽💃🏽

Before I left L.A, Indya & I decided to get dolled up (how does she look so gorgeous though?😭😭) and head to a club. We’ve been literally singng and dancing the whole time I was here so we definitely had to go! We turned ALL THE WAY UP last night and I’m so glad we did! It’s been such a fun time spending time with her fr, I don’t wanna leaveeeeee 😫 but I have a future Hubby waiting for me back in Dallas and I’ve missed him so yeah…This won’t be the last time you’ll be seeing me though Indya! When we meet again we gotta cross more stuff off of our To Do List 💀😂Anyway…Back to Dallas I goooo!! ☺️


Out And About With Hubby😌💚

So after Hubby got off of work we decided to go out and do a lil window shopping (I say we, It was really just me lmao) About to go find something to eat though, I’m really feeling like some chicken nuggets…🤔🤔😋