desire under the elms

Tony Tuesday: Rated BXP for "Bring Xtra Panties"

Oooooooh boy, you is making a bitch SWEAT, honey!!!

I admit I had mixed feelings about Desire Under The Elms when I first saw it… Actually, I still do. I still have NO IDEA why they cast Sophia Loren, but hey, far be it for me to begrudge Tony making out with a hot Italian chick (heheheh).

Every character in this flick is pretty awful, so for me, it’s all about the eye candy. Just turn the volume down and enjoy. If you can’t stand the silence nor the sound of your own swooning, might I suggest this song?

“Please help, I can’t stop dry-humping this door!”

I directed a scene from Eugene O'Neill’s play when I was in college, and I can personally vouch for the HOTNESS of the source material (which might have gotten lost in the movie translation). In fact, the two actors I cast in the lead roles ended up hooking up shortly afterwards, so make of that what you will… :-o

Fun Fact: Pernell Roberts’s big screen debut!


Set designer Walt Spangler on his unique vision for Eugene O’Neill’s DESIRE UNDER THE ELMS.