desire to be perfect

Much of the Goth subculture is so uniform that it’s easy to drift into a bore. Remember:

1. Try different ideas if you so desire. Not every goth has to look like a perfect “Tumblr” deathrock model.

2. Your clothes don’t have to be expensive brand new clothes. There are many alternatives to breaking the bank. You are not a “poser” just because you aren’t some rich kid who can drop $2000 on the perfect wardrobe. In fact - in my opinion that makes you quite the opposite of a poser.

3. It’s ok to be dirty! Eat messy! Dance and get sweaty! Rip the fuck outta your shit! Scuff those shoes! LIVE! Who cares if you have blood, food, booze or grime on your pants.

4. It’s ok to be thicker than Peter Murphy or Siouxsie. Most of us are!

5. HAVE FUN! Stop taking yourself so seriously. Dressing up, tarting up with tons of makeup and hair products and accessories is a blast! Life is too short and everybody poops, so…

Super Cool Stuff is Happening!

Hey everyone! I am very excited to tell you all that I’ve talked with a local wolfdog sanctuary and rescue facility and tomorrow I get to head out and meet the owner in person as well as all of the animals! This place is only about 30 minutes from me so I think it’s somewhere that I could spend a lot of my time if everything goes as well as it sounds like it will. I talked on the phone with the owner for about 2 hours today! We hit it off really well and I love the ideas she has for trying to fundraise for the animals in her care and expand her little community.

I’ll do my best to take some pictures and share the experience with you guys! I would love to have something like a journal for working with these animals on a frequent basis but that will have to come second to me actually working over there.

I am beyond excited for this hands-on opportunity and I hope I’m able to spend a lot of time there!


I can’t believe he gave those kids alcohol (alas… yes I can) but more importantly I can’t believe Asano missed a great Macbeth opportunity

(insp; No. 6 Beyond, Chapter 4) (fujoshis don’t interact)

Moonlight (Quinn X M!MC)

Title - Moonlight
Request - “62, Quinn X M!MC after Raj’s party please” anon.
Prompt - “If you can’t sleep, we could have sex?”
Pairing - Quinn x M!MC
Rating: PG13+ (adult themes).
Word Count - 774

You’re sitting on the edge of the pool, your feet in the water. Almost everyone has called it a night, stumbling their way up to bed. You start to think you’re the only one left outside… When Quinn appears on the other side of the pool. She watches you, not saying a word as she slowly lowers herself into the water. She swims over to you, floating a few centimetres away. You look down at her, and can’t help but feel your desire for her grow. Her perfect form is bathed in the light of the moon and stars, her eyes big and doe like. She’s looking up at you, and you can see a faint flush to her cheeks. She moves again, resting her arms on the side of the pool.

“Not going to bed? She asks. You shrug slightly,

“Not yet.” You reply. “How about you?”

“I was thinking of heading inside- but I’ll keep your company, if you’d like.” She smiles, and your heart beat quickens.

“You don’t have to- I’ll be out here for a while. I don’t think I’ll be going to sleep anytime soon.”

She doesn’t respond, instead choosing to gently push away from the wall. She uses your knee to pull herself towards you, and suddenly she’s right there, her hands resting on your thighs. She looks up at you again, a playful sparkle in her eyes.

“Well, if you can’t sleep…We could…have sex?” She suggests, her hands moving slowly back and forth. You blink, unsure if you heard her correctly.

“…If you want to.” She adds. She traces a finger slowly up your thigh, her eyes locking with yours. A shiver runs through your body, and you grin.

“I do.”

Quinn moves again, pushing against your legs to lift herself out of the water. Her lips brush lightly against yours and you lean in…

Her arms suddenly move around your neck, and she’s pulling you into the water. You slide in beside her and she wastes no time, her legs wrapping around you. She nuzzles your neck, nipping gently at your ear as you run your hands down her waist, her hips, and then slowly over her bare thighs. She moans your name, pressing her lips against yours.

Maybe it’s the alcohol, maybe it’s the energy between you, but you suddenly swing her around, pressing her against the wall. You kiss her roughly, hungrily…and she digs her fingers into your shoulders with a moan, her back arching.  You pause to take a breath, and you can hear her gasping slightly for breath.

“You are seriously the most beautiful thing on this Island.” You mumble, as you lean in to kiss her neck. She giggles slightly, throwing back her head, her eyes closed. You grin, your hand tangling in her hair and pulling her close so you can kiss her again. You taste rum on her lips, mixed with the sweetness of sugar.

She moans your name again, driving you slightly wild….

Suddenly, a little voice in the back of your mind makes you pause. You pull back, and she opens her eyes to see what you’re doing, a questioning look in her eyes. You can see her pupils are dilated, and you remember just how much you’ve both had to drink in the last few hours.

She blinks, frowning in confusion as you stop altogether, your hands moving to rest gently on her hips.

“You can’t tease a girl like that…” She pouts, her hand travelling over your abdomen… You reach out, catching her hand. She frowns again, and you almost question your sanity.

“Quinn….I really, really want to do this. But not like this.” You tell her. “I think we should wait until we’re a bit more sober…” You reach up, playing with her hair. She sighs, nodding in agreement before moving to kiss you again. It’s softer this time, and you feel her fingers gently touch your cheek. She pulls away, giving you a small smile.

“You’re such a gentleman.” She teases lightly as you take her by the hand, leading her to the pool ladder. She grin at her as you help her out, wrapping the towel around her.

“It’s both a flaw and a strength.” You joke, as you climb into a nearby hammock.

Quinn climbs in next to you, snuggling close. You wrap one arm around her, and she sighs contentedly. You smile again, pressing your lips to her forehead.

“Sweet dreams, Quinn.” You whisper, as her eyes start to close. You yawn, suddenly feeling tired. As your own eyes start to close, you think to yourself…

This really is paradise.

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rules: Put your music on shuffle, list the first 9 songs and your favorite lyrics from each. Then, tag 9 other people to participate!

1. What’s My Age Again? by Blink-182; “no one should take themselves so seriously” 

2. Highlight by Seventeen; “although some days i shed tears, it remains in the footsteps”

3. A Love Like War by All Time Low; “and the bitch of it all is that im running from the desire of the people to whom i belong”

4. Perfect by Ed Sheeran; “now i know i have met an angel in person”

5. Heigh Ho from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves; “its home from work we go”

6. Mercy by Shawn Mendes; “even though you dont mean to hurt me, you keep tearing me apart”

7. Runaway by Ed Sheearn; “none of us are saints i guess that god knows that”

8. A Lovely Night by Julie Andrews from Cinderella; “ the stars in the hazy heaven tremble above you while he is whispering “darling, I love you.“”

9. Dive by Ed Sheeran; “ I could live, I could die hanging on the words you say” or “i’ve been known to give my all and jumping in harder than 10,000 rocks on the lake”

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Two actors stand on stage
The amphitheater is full with spectators
Waiting for them to make one wrong move
The actors mask their emotions and flaunt their pride
Performing the best show they could
The audience; however, doesn’t care
Perfection is not their desire
They wanted fools not the imitation of life
Bored out of their minds they remain watching the show
But their minds are elsewhere, and the actor’s work is in vain
They lie hurt and wounded for the sake of a good show

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What is pink and white's fusion?

Candyfloss! (Or Paler Pink *snorts*). Candyfloss is huge, powerful, and arrogant. (Literally, larger than life.) White and Pink fall apart because they’re both so opinionated in the fusion but betrays a deep, addictive desire to remain fused. Candyfloss’ form is, as per typical, perfect. She is mercurial, obsessed with how she appears to others, and egotistic, and she’ll crush you, but you’ll probably enjoy it. 

“If, therefore, you desire to attain perfection and rightly to pursue the spiritual way, you should make yourself a stranger to all sinful anger and wrath. Listen to what St Paul enjoins: ‘Rid yourselves of all bitterness, wrath, anger, clamor, evil speaking and all malice’ (Ephesians 4:31). In saying 'all’ he leaves no excuse for regarding any anger as necessary or reasonable. …

No matter what provokes it, anger blinds the soul’s eyes, preventing it from seeing the Sun of righteousness. Leaves, whether of gold or lead, placed over the eyes, obstruct the sight equally, for the value of the gold does not affect the blindness it produces. Similarly, anger, whether reasonable or unreasonable, obstructs our spiritual vision.

Our incensive power can be used in a way that is according to nature only when turned against our own impassioned or self-indulgent thoughts. This is what the Prophet teaches us when he says: 'Be angry, and do not sin’ (Psalms 4:4) - that is, be angry with your own passions and with your malicious thoughts, and do not sin by carrying out their suggestions.”

~St John Cassian, On the Eight Vices, excerpt from 'On Anger’

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the difference in dark

Each of us is different, I hope you understand. Each of us has our own… style, I suppose you could say. While our end goals may end up being similar, we each have very different ways of getting them done. For example. 

You’re every desire is met to perfection with me. I can give you everything you’ve ever wanted, darling. But I can take it away too. I can give you all the… love… and attention you so desire. 

And in return, I ask for a simple favour, in the end. 

Don’t mistake me for being a demon, I’m very much my own being, and hell is purely metaphysical. While I may look like someone you already trust, it’s only because he’s a better person to look like. But you can only get fake attention from him through a screen. 

I  c a n  t a k e  c a r e  o f  y o u .

How do you know I’m here? Usually I can appear as your version of normal. It’s only when I want you to know I’m here for you is when I come across as something ethereal. 

I give your world new colour. It will split and multiply in an array of aesthetically pleasing and somewhat jarring or confusing visuals. I make it so that all you can see is me, all you can clearly hear is me. All you have… i s  m e. 

That is after all, my way of getting things done. It’s much more satisfying to see you crumble to the point where you become entirely dependent on me. And when i have no further desire to please you, you  B  R  E  A  K  .

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Oooh, a human ~ !

——The sight of the child was enough to immediately strike murderous desire within Puff; although, as usual, he’d wait for the perfect opportunity to strike. Now was simply not the time.

From the way he stood, and the manner in which he was idly chewing on one of the long sleeves which covered his skeletal hands, one could immediately see this monster had the mind of a kid no older than the mere age of five. At least, that’s how it seemed at first glance, anyway.

‘ Hiiii ! I’m Puff ! Wanna play ?

Puff’s voice was high-pitched and elated. Honestly? He was—— he was exuberant to see this human. 

He couldn’t wait to torture and  e a t   t h e m .