desire machine collective

Art world interlude: I just went to the Guggenheim to see Desire Machine Collective’s film Residue, full of slow-motion pans through an abandoned factory in India as weeds and decay take over. I’d seen part of it when Stephanie’s family was visiting. What drew me back was its sound design, which is like Philip Jeck jamming with Aaron Dilloway* — damaged vinyl crackle juxtaposed with deep sub-bass moans and Buddhist throat-singing. It’s cool and I definitely recommend it if you’re not crowd-averse.

Walking up the main ramp, though, I was struck by the vacuity of John Chamberlain’s twisted-metal sculpture. I think it made me realize what I find so appealing about minimalism: every gesture bears a weight of artistic intent, each element is a conscious choice.

* sorry this is an obnoxious characterization, I wrote this in line at the UES Shake Shack