desire in the mouth of dogs


A small sequel to Legacy (on AO3 here).


For the most part, Laurent seemed content to observe the child from a distance—watching with interest, but no apparent desire to participate, as Damen rocked and bounced and babbled at him. Damen had insisted that Cassina, the nursemaid, bring little Augustos to their rooms twice each day.

“I’m sure Cassina is happy to do that,” Laurent said, one day when Damen took the time to spoon thin gruel into the baby’s mouth.

“She is,” Damen said cheerfully, “and so am I. Do you not have the saying in Vere, that if the steward feeds the king’s dog, it is the steward’s dog?”

Laurent cocked his head. “No,” he said thoughtfully. “I don’t believe we do.”

“You have enough experience of hounds and horses, though, to know it’s the truth. I’ll choose a more personally relevant example, though—did your brother not make time for your company?” Damen felt this was still strange fragile territory between them, yet the point was worth making. And make it he did, judging by the way Laurent’s head jerked back an inch.

Damen, his gaze still on baby Gus as he tried to coax another spoonful into his mouth, ventured onto ground more dangerous still. “From what little you have said, I have assumed—and correct me if I do it wrongly—that your father and perhaps even your mother were content to make sure you were well cared for by others, but it was Auguste who took the time to do so himself.”

“My mother,” Laurent said, and stopped a long moment before finishing simply, “tried.”

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I hate all these fake SBs on here. Like you know how “great” it is to be a SB? My SD insists on eating me out for like 40 fucking minutes and it feels like he’s trying to rip my vaj off. And it sounds similar to a large dog drinking water. When he kisses my body his lips make this disgusting old man smacking sound, and he gets that white shit in the corners of his mouth. And I have to have sex with that horny bastard for three hours a week. I walk away with a good amount of money. But I walk away with my vagina practically in a wheelchair and have ZERO desire to fuck ANYONE. Forget dating someone my age, sex repulses me right now. Emotions just get shut off, because I spend three hours making cringing and horrified faces when my face is shoved into a pillow, trying to think about why I have to do this, and I bite my lip to keep from screaming because the sounds he makes are so damn gross.
So if you think this life is good enough to pretend you’re in it, fuck right off.


After his over a year (whole life!) in a shelter, Willie is happy to be home, not to mention devilishly handsome. He’s a southern Black Mouth Cur and he uses his puppy dog eyes to get whatever his heart desires.

My gemsona for 2015, Aquamarine.

Gender: Nonbinary, She/her pronouns
Height: 7’? Ish?
Weapon: Gunship
Likes: ADVENTURE, military trappings, Kaiju movies, loud noises, shiny objects, exploration in far-flung reaches of the galaxy, fried foods
Dislikes: Actual military discipline and order, mandatory legs, getting lost, words like “no” and “don’t do that” and “maybe this isn’t such a good idea,” jokes about overcompensation, garbage in the ocean
Personality: Aquamarine is an adventure-loving thrill-seeker whose reckless indulgence of her own desires doesn’t always make her a complete liability to her allies. Oh, sure, if you want to go destroy a rogue planetoid in a distant star system or evacuate a priceless artifact from a crumbling ruin by flinging it through the nearest window or see just how many corn dogs can be crammed in your mouth at once, she’s there to help, but in matters requiring delicacy it’s probably best to leave her hunting for lost treasure in the galactic core. She isn’t all shark teeth and cackling, though; it just takes a bit of patience to get her to calm down and consider small details such as consequences or the needs of others.

Her "weapon,” a stellar gunship that can navigate through space or seas, is inefficient and unwieldy on an unprecedented scale. It’s useless on land, it requires vast amounts of energy and willpower to conjure and man, and most things that it’s called upon to fire at are far too agile for it to hit. But oh, boy! When it blows things up it blows them up REAL good!