desire god

These commandments that I give you today are to be upon your hearts. Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up. Deuteronomy 6:7
Moses told the nation of Israel how God wanted them to be his witness to their children. God wants parents to tell their children about the One who loves them even more than they do.
God desires for parents to know who He is and then tell their children about Him. “Talk…..when you are sitting, walking along the way.” Every day, all the time, every moment.

to my aro/ace friends and smols: if you’re ever feeling undervalued, remember Hestia

You know, Hestia. The greek Goddess of the hearth and home. simultaneously the oldest and youngest of the Olympian Gods. Hestia turned down marriage propsals from both Poseidon and Apollo, two of the arguably most desirable gods in the hellenic pantheon. Instead, she asked her brother Zeus, king of the heavens, for permission to never marry and never have to take a lover or anything. Which he granted. Without question. Zeus, lord of sleeping around, did not question his ace sister when she said that’s who she was. That is some divine allyship, yo.

She went on to be the Goddess of the Hearth. For ancient greeks, the hearth was the center of the home and the center of worship for the family. In ritual practice, Hestia always recieved the first (best) and last part of any sacrifice. Put that in context of patriarchal societies where the “father” of the group “always” recieved the best part of a meal. But not Hestia. No, your friendly hometown goddess was venerated before the king of the heavens, without question or anything. Hestia was the center of the family, the center and grounding point of the home, and was treated as such. 

The lesson for aces here is that you are worthy of being yourself without question. You are a valuable member of your community, a most valuable member of your family, and if you are not treated like it, maybe take after Hestia, and burn those motherfuckers to the ground.

Friendly reminder to all LGBTQ+ and non-binary folks out there:

Aphrodite loves you.

I’m serious.

Never, for a single moment, think you can’t talk to her, honour her or worship her because you’re not heterosexual or cisgendered or fall somewhere on the gender binary. 

Remember, it was Sappho, the Greek poetess, who petitioned to Aphrodite for help with the wooing of another woman. It was Aphrodite that bore Hermaphroditus, the androgynous god of hermaphrodites, that possessed both male and female body parts. Eros, god of desire and her winged companion (or son in later myths), is considered the protector of homosexual love between men.

As Aphrodite Pandemos, she is the goddess of love between ALL people of this planet, whether platonic or romantic or sexual, regardless of gender or sexuality.


  • HISTORIANS: perhaps this person was gay, if by gay you mean he accidentally tripped and fell and his penis landed in another man's mouth, but at the same time it could be argued
  • ART HISTORIANS: he was gay. gay as the day is long. you could argue that all these drawings he did of the male ass are symbolic of his desire to create as God created, but on the other hand, he was gay.
The Birth of Desires

We tend to look at desires at what is being desired: I desire wealth; I desire success; I desire prestige; and so on.  We then see desires as having many facets: you stop one and another comes up.  But, there is just one desire.

The one desire is that we want more than what we presently have or what we have will not be taken away (fear).  We always want more.  From birth, our body needs nourishment, warmth, safety, and stimuli.  Take any of these factors away, and one can no longer become a healthy and balanced human.

Emotionally, we adapted the biological needs of wanting.  The body wants only what it needs.  The emotions want more.  More is never satisfied.  More can never be satisfied.  More continues.  More grows.  More dominates.  More becomes the daily solution which leads eventually to self-destruction in one form or another.  More never ceases on its own.