Please understand that if I’m your girlfriend I’m going to give you everything I have to give. Yeah, I’m going to surprise you with the little material things, the nice watch, your favorite food, a trip. But that’s nothing compared to the fact that I’m going to shower you with unconditional fucking love. I’m going to walk next to you on your happy days, and the days where you’re down I’m going to hold your hand and get you through it. I will understand you’re not your mistakes and not compare you to anyone from my past. It’s no competition, it’ll be you. Right here. Right now. But babe also understand I’m a fucking tease so I will hop on top of you, kiss you like you have the last supply of oxygen left in the world in your lungs, and just as you get into it? I’m going to stop, look into your eyes letting you know just exactly what I intend to do to you as I walk away into the bedroom. Expect to be pushed against a wall, pinned down, and to beg. I’m not going to give it to you easy. Nah, babe I’m going to go nice and slow and feel you shake with desire and when you finally beg for me to love you in only the way I can? I’m going to melt into you and show you just how much love I have to give over and over again.

“And behold, I am with you and will keep (watch over you with care, take notice of) you wherever you may go, and I will bring you back to this land; for I will not leave you until I have done all of which I have told you.”
‭‭Genesis‬ ‭28:15‬ ‭AMP‬‬

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Her energy pulled all beings into her own as she walked into a room. Her energy though, was directed strictly towards me. Me, the hermit; she must have heard my thoughts. Though I was silent I knew my aura grew loud. That energy exchange was something the most unaware of beings could feel. And so as it was known and believed in, everyone who has yearned for an unimaginable love like this dedicated every bone in their body to destruct it. That right there was the issue. No mans hands or words could possibly tear apart a connection of a soul like this.
—  Mirrormeteachmelove
Id like to think you came with a warning label. A bright red “fuck off” or “do not touch” sticker right on your forehead. You told me you’d ruin me, with enough force so I could sigh and leave, enough distance so I could turn and run, your mouth moved like a mechanic alarm system- only I was the intruder. Crossing wires to let myself stay as long as possible, I wanted to keep you, had to keep you. Even with space between one another…
I’m sure, eventually, we’d ruin each other.

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#mood … this is seriously my life. This, work, and gym. I didn’t realize how incomplete I felt without going to the gym consistently. I’ve been kind of “taking it easy” the past couple of days because I was feeling a bit eh… today I woke up and went to the gym first thing in the morning. I actually had to force myself up. But as I got closer and closer to the door of my gym. The more excited I got… I will be looking for a new HOME gym in the next couple of weeks. If anyone has any suggestions near campbell… let me know!!! #foodislife #potd #fitfam #iifym #iifymgirls #discipline #dedication #desire #campbell #girlswholift

I’ve spent a lot of time craving for someone. I wanted a presence to reassure me when I fell asleep. I wanted eyes that said « you’re beautiful ». I wanted a smile every time I felt happy and sometimes when I felt sad too. I wanted hands to wipe my tears when I’m done crying. I wanted a voice to tell me « I love you » and « I believe in you ».
I need someone that will care and take care of me unconditionally. I want someone that will love me now and forever.

And I realized that I’ll find that someone in no one else but me.

—  hanellie

dont be self defeating because you ‘aren’t good enough’ when you begin. we all start somewhere. what matters is how good you want to be and how badly you want it