Meeting your soul mate is like walking into a house you’ve been in before - you will recognize the furniture, the pictures on the wall, the books on the shelves, the contents of drawers: You could find your way around in the dark if you had to.

y'all hate my hot mess
negro nose
afro bitch hoe
cornbread bitch
baby hair swag
black bone trick
Bitch I’m

                        that mess
I’m   so possessive
with my negro

I did not come to play with you hoes
I came                                   bitch
with my negro hair
and negro nose
all this                 country

          take what’s mine

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I'm glad you are preaching the gospel of sub!Kylo because tbh dom!Kylo in fics always makes me laugh because hes SO SUBBY? Like whatever floats your boat I guess but I literally can't see him as anything but super freaking subby. XD

I will die on this hill dammit. I mean, to each their own, but I’m sorry, this is not the face of someone who’s in control (of themselves or anyone else):

I’m not saying Kylo wouldn’t TRY to be dominant in the bedroom—because he thinks that’s what he’s supposed to be or he thinks that’s what his partner wants—but it wouldn’t go over well at all. They would both quickly realize he has no aptitude for it and what he really wants deep down is to be told that he’s a good boy.

Honestly, the one scene in the whole movie where he tried to be dom-like was Rey’s interrogation and… he was TERRIBLE at it. That whole ‘you know I can take whatever I want’ thing that some people try to pass off as him being domineering (and god forbid ~suave~) was just so awkward and forced and absolutely sounded like him trying to play a role that didn’t fit.

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sex isn't really my cup of tea but last night i had a dream where i wrapped my arm around one of Maxson's beefy arms and he got flustered saying something like "S-stop that, this is inappropriate Knight." and i was like "Make me". I'm blaming you and your wonderfully written headcanons for this.

Omg I’m so proud. I will take the blame and wear it like a badge of honor.

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aesthetic meme: list your muses aesthetic. anyone can do this, list your muse’s aesthetic from tastes, smells, outfits, and sceneries. add as many subjects as you like, it can help with people tagging you in aesthetically pleasing things towards your muse!

repost. don’t reblog.

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tastes: melon bread, cheesecake, tarts, red bean with ice, taro boba, strawberry non-carbonated soft drink, banana milk, pavlova, hangi, scones, muffins, rewena, sushi, stone bowl, pad thai, cream tea, custard squares.

smells: brand new sneakers, leather, baby powder, sharpie ink, mint gum, sweat, girl tears, sweet almond, jasmine vanilla, fresh laundry, bathed dog, wet wood, coffee, lavender, lime, petroleum, rubbing alcohol, sandalwood australian.

sights: reflection, big nose, abstract paintings, lilac sky, northern lights, constellations, cherry blossoms, zen garden, ocean waves, busy streets, dimmed lit restaurants, moon, churches.

sounds: wind chimes, bead curtains, pbrnb, dancehall, laughter, pitter patter of the rain, velcro, beatbox, whistling, pen/palms tapping on surfaces, piano instrumentals, downtempo jams, ambient, big beat, blues, bossa nova, acid house, alternative, funk, drum and bass, deep house, jazz, kawaii metal, shibuya-kei, rattles, lullabies, music box.

sensations: dog fur rubbing against skin, eskimo kisses, sand between palms, walking barefoot on grass, drowning in pillows and blankets, gliding on stair railings, fit of laughter, finger dusting off old furniture, riding a rollercoaster, finally laying down after a whole day’s work.

outfits: kenzo, nonagon, ambush, billionaire girls club, tims, dr. marten, ripped skinny jeans, oversized shirts, pleated skirts, peter pan collar, spandex, latex, crop tops, denim, turtleneck, pea/long coats, cardigans, chokers, bracelets, plaid, polka, snapbacks, face mask, anything black.

body: small face, doll-like features, tiny waist, resting bitch face, blank stare, soft, ever blossoming.

other: stationery paper, little green men, stuffed toys, japanese dolls, friendships, people, animals, purple.


#FemmeFataleFriday salutes Gloria Grahame as Vicki in Fritz Lang’s HUMAN DESIRE (1954), one of her most complicated and best performances.

NOIR CITY supporter getTV is presenting a Glenn Ford/Gloria Grahame double bill of THE BIG HEAT and HUMAN DESIRE tonight, starting at 12:20 AM/PT followed by a 4:45 AM/PT screening of Hugo Haas’ ONE GIRL’S CONFESSION starring his muse, Cleo Moore.

Visit our Facebook page for more on today’s salute to Grahame.

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I had a dream about surprising Nick (with dick) at the agency while he was sorting through his cases and had his back to me. I pushed him against a wall and gave him a hand job from behind. Then he turned me around and took me against the wall c:

Fuckkk. I’m so jealous. Keep sinning, my friend.  Hopefully one day our undying lust for Nick Valentine will be rewarded. 

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