Some of the best Queer and POC Punk Bands in London Right Now

Riding the rails tomorrow, finishing my zine today, photos coming soon

I’ve been living in Oakland for the past month. Tomorrow I am leaving for another cross-country train riding and hitchhiking adventure. Instead of being a homeless couchsurfing house punk I thought why not hit the road, especially since some lady and queer friends of mine asked me to take them on their first train ride. And another lady friend asked me to be a travel buddy to ride the Canadian low-line, a line I’ve never ridden. I often travel alone and most of my traveler friends are men, so I’m stoked to be hitting the road with a crew of non-cis men. I moved to the East Bay with the intention of finishing my perzine You Said You’d Never Forget– a compilation of selected journal writings from when I was traveling across the US from the Summer of 2012 to Spring 2013– but it hasn’t been until my last day here that I’ve actually come close to finalizing the first issue. (I’ll make a post when I have copies ready to mail!) Although I’ve had lots of fun here, Oakland has felt complicated to me socially and politically, and hasn’t been as motivating of a place as I thought it would be.

If you know me personally you would know how long it has taken me to actually get this zine together. I’ve possibly read you a journal entry, poem, or have shared my pictures with you when we were hanging out. But making a zine (or even keeping this blog) and sharing these things with people that I don’t intimately know has felt like a scary thing. Although I can be alone in a graveyard at night in bumfuck nowhere America broke and alone and feel relatively safe, it’s funny how unsafe it feels to share my stories. I think my hesitations are rooted in being shamed by a white supremacist and sexist society to not explicitly talk about my experiences, to believe that my story isn’t significant, or to not even believe in myself. But I figure, people make zines about stupid shit all the time. So I might as well go for it.

I’m going to upload photos every other day of what I’ve taken over the past year, things I’ve been wanting to share but haven’t. Unfortunately a lot of photos of awesome places and people didn’t come out because the light meter on my camera is busted or I improperly loaded my film. Hopefully, you’ll still enjoy yourself. I hope to upload stuff while I’m on the road as well. Please wish us luck and safe travels.

I can’t wait to see you, old friends and new.

Live free and fight the world.

-Sabitaj Mahal

ps: I know scissorfeind and friends asked me to do a video blog I promise I’ll post some sort of video thing in the coming weeks!

pps: I miss CasaVoltron <3


It’s been awhile since I posted. Since I last visited the tublrverse I wintered in Florida then went to Ohio. I was arrested at a protest then briefly spent time back home in California. Afterwards it was Ohio again for court, then Southern California, then finally home in NorCal. Now I’m nesting at a house I used to live at, waiting on a dozen rolls of film to develop. Working on my zine, You Said You’d Never Forget. And I’m chilling really, really, really hard. As SoooooooNoma County. “So… No Mas!” I have travel plans for the summer, but first, I want to finish this zine, stories and photos of some of my experiences tramping around the US as a woman of color. Stay tuned ya drop outs.

-SabiTaj Mahal