Just a couple of Quartz headcanons.

Headcanon 1: Quartzes are made to naturally have this very close, tight-knit, family like relationship with each other, which would make sense for gems that are meant to work in groups. That’s why when our Amethyst came out all alone she bonded with the rocks of the kindergarten as if they were her peers (kind of like an orphan duckling imprinting on an innanimate object).

Also it makes Jasper’s case even sadder, because she probably has the same instinct (programming?) in her, but she rejects her peers. Which is related to my second headcanon.

Headcanon 2: I believe Jasper was probably send to the Zoo along with the other Earth quartzes after the war, and it was only afterwards that she was transferred to Yellow Diamond’s court and put into service in Homeworld. 

Very flimsy evidence for this headcanon, but in The Return when Lapis tries to protect Steven by saying he’s only a human, Jasper answers:

“I know what a human is” with distate and desinterest. It makes me think she may have been familiar with humans, not only because she was created on Earth, but because of her time at the Zoo. (Let’s remember both Peridot and the Rubies seemed completely ignorant of what a human being is or can do, even Eyeball who was an Era 1 gem that fought in the Gem War on Earth).

No wonder Jasper was so dissapointed to not find Rose Quartz, but she was brought along just to deal with humans, the very same task she thought she had left behind.



Larimar is the fusion of Pearl and Lapis Lazuli. As two gems who missed their home, Larimar likes to be there when the components are worried or sad. This fusion carries the past into laughs and the present in desinterest. I wanted to make a simple gem fusion with a little things there and here, not too much, so she can be original and unique too!

Topaz Loves you!

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Can you imagine how fucking angry Asshole Russell is? We love Steve so much and we welcomed him so warmly! And now with Dua Lipa, we are her fans now and we listen to her music and we go to her concerts and then there is him, trying so hard to push James and we just keep hating (rightfully) on him and this thing makes me laugh a lot!

russell leaves such a desinterested and sloppy impression with me that i don’t even think he’s overly concerned? how sad is that? i know this fandom - especially our part of the fandom - examines everything in detail and reacts quite “violently” whenever something good/bad happens but like.. that’s what you gotta deal with, russ my boy. we’ve been here too long to just go “oh nice these two artists are taking a picture together” and not question their intentions with the boys. steve and dua, as the two most recent examples, are some of the very few who have had enough integrity (i’m not saying all of the “nasty” people attaching themselves to the boys are doing it out of their own free will or because they had the idea themselves - but most of the time it just fits the big picture). we have a harsh standard around here and i almost want to say no promo is the best promo with us. of course steve did promo with louis and of course dua got papped with harry but there was a distinct lack of bragging, self-inserting and trying to capitalise off of us with nothing to show for it. i can respect that and rusty obviously hasn’t grasped that concept. he seems busy snapping his LA vacay and inserting himself in louis’ pap pics..

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I am not seeking a romantic partner at the moment because in a way i gave up on the subject. 
I never saw myself being dependant of someone else. 
If i ever get a partner they will be, in my eyes, a best friend with a few more steps. 
It is hard finding someone that understands a lack of sexual interest as a whole. In the few relationships i have been most left me because they found my desinterest on the subject annoying.  

Monsta X Reaction To Getting Turned On When Their Girlfriend Bites Their Bottom Lip While Making Out


I got a little carried away, I apologize
Also I messed up on the perspectives/point of view


His hands would travel down your sides to rest on your hips. He’d play around with your shirt, letting you know he’s into it. As he slowly pulls away from the kiss he smiles at you and his lips begin to peck your cheeks and neck. He’d suck on your skin, leaving red spots here and there.

“You know you won’t stop me now?”


You would feel him on your skin as his body was touching yours. He’d rub against you slightly, making sure you realize how turned on he is. He’d bite your lip back and his hand would gently caress your neck, moving lower, to your shoulder, back, waist and would end up delicately grabbing your butt.


The mood would change drastically. He would not be playing around anymore, but would rather look at you with hunger and desire. His hands would run down to your hips and he’d press his hardening member against you. If you didn’t show any sign of desinterest, he’d get his hands under your shirt. All of that because of a little lip bite.


A bit awkwardly, he’d bite you back, caressing your cheek with one of his hands, the other one moving up and down your back, keeping you close to him. He wouldn’t say a thing, nor would he be as aggressive. But he would progressively be more and more obvious about his situation.


Without much thinking he would kiss more harshly. Not in a negative way, but he would get really into it. He would most definitely pin you to a wall, sofa or whatever there is around you. He would slip his hands under your shirt at some point, but honestly, you would not even notice for the longer time as your attention was fixated on his full lips eagerly kissing yours.


As you bit his lower lip, a chill went down his spine. He froze for a split second, realizing what just happened and what this small action had done to his body. He moves away to give you the look of longing and (sexual) frustration.

“From now on, you are forbidden to bite my lips like this unless you want me to not let you go… and don’t do this in public…”


Without much thought, he would hold onto your waist and play with the material of your shirt. He wouldn’t really go overboard like the previous guys did, but he would bite your lip back passionately, and your little make out session would turn into rather lustful french kisses. It wouldn’t take long for you to notice what you got into. Not that it mattered.


Ciel x Lizzy Modern AU

In Elementary school Ciel fell in love with Lizzy. It was an adorable, innocent love. They would do their homework together, play house, and hug, thinking that was a really adult thing to do. 

Then Vincent got a job in another city and the Phantomhives had to move. Ciel tried everything to avoid this. He cried and pled that they wouldn’t have to move but his parents made him anyway. They tried to comfort Ciel about leaving Lizzy. They told him he was still young and a lot of things could happen but Ciel didn’t want anything to happen. He wanted to stay with his beloved Lizzy. Rachel told him he could write her letters to stay in contact and thus, under tears, the two had to say goodbye.

And as it is with long-distance-relationships, it doesn’t usually work. Ciel and Lizzy lost sight of each other but every day without her hurt Ciel’s soul deeply. He turned out to be a rather grumpy teen. He rarely had any friends but the friends he had were good ones. Despite his behaviour he was well popular but he never went out with anyone. This went well until his mother heard of his popularity. One day she asked Ciel why he wouldn’t date anyone. Trying to dodge the question Ciel told her he just wasn’t interested. But being the mom she was Rachel dug deeper. And completely annoyed Ciel told her he didn’t want to date anyone because he hadn’t forgotten about Lizzy yet. For a moment Rachel was speachless. She just barely remembered the little girl her son has had a crush on all those years ago. And then it escalated. She looked at her son and told him to stop holding onto a memory that has passed. She told him to move on. With a good intention, she didn’t know how strong this “little crush” really had been, but for Ciel it was a real blow. His mother had told him his love for Lizzy was lost in time, she had declared his feelings hopeless, and it gotten him hopeless.

And so Ciel started dating people. He wouldn’t listen to his dates talking, he didn’t bother to hide his desinterest. When somebody would try to hold his hand he’d rip it loose again. Once they’d try to kiss him he’d forcefully push them away. He was breaking on the inside. Every day he had to force himself to pretend he had passed on a little more. 

His friends got worried for him, asking him why he agreed to go out with everyone if he was only gonna push them away. And Ciel told them it was to please his parents. And that evening Rachel and Vincent Phantomhive received a call from Ciel’s best friend Soma who felt he had to do something to help his friend. And both were shocked, Rachel on the verge of tears. Neither of them had ever wanted for this to happen. They hed never intended to put so much emotional pressure on their beloved son. They immediately went to apologize to Ciel. They hugged him, they would pet his head, tell him everything was going to be alright, and that he shouldn’t have forced himself to do things he didn’t want to do. He didn’t have to date people he didn’t like just to make them happy.

After this Ciel stopped forcing himself. He was a grumpy but other than that emotionally healthy teen. His parents were still a little bit worried that after almost a decade their son was still so dedicated to a childhood crush. But they had seen where to much critizism lead so they decided to just stay by his side and watch over him. They’d ask how he was more often, meddled a little bit more in his life. Ciel, of course, appreciated the love his parents showed him, but he was a teenager and one with a reputiation on top of that. He wouldn’t tell them. Also, they were rather annoying.

Then came the time Ciel went to collage. He therefore moved to a whole different town yet again. Rachel and Vincent were extremely proud, yet torn. After all they had to let their only son leave the nest. Ciel on the other hand was ready for a new challange and he hoped it would be a good one. And in his very first course in collage he encountered a moment that would make his heart stop beating. That very moment when he accidentally happened to run into Elizabeth Ethel Cordelia Midford. Neither of them could believe their eyes but they recognized each other in a heartbeat. Their presence felt so close, so intimate, it was awkward for them both, having such intense feelings for someone they had last seen about a decade ago. Her smile had become a lot more beautiful he felt, and he had, sometime in the last ten years, become one hell of a blushy mess. But they were together and they got to know each other once again.

Vincent and Rachel were fairly surprised when they heard their son was in a relationship with his childhood love again. They were worried they’d both still cling onto the memory of each other. But as they met the young couple in person their doubts disappeared. They didn’t think they had ever seen Ciel act like this before. Not even in his childhood he had a glow like that and for some reason their sweet and slightly awkward interactions were soothing to watch. They were close, not in a corney tennage drama way, but in an adult way, speaking to each other freely, agreeing, disagreeing, being a team. And on the next class reunion, with classmates and friends, Soma was very pleased to be able to announce that Ciel Phantomhive was finally engaged, to the love of his life. 

KC finale venting

So I finished King’s Cage 3 weeks ago and I wasn’t sure what to think or feel, it was just too much to process, but maybe this is the time to write down all my thoughts.

Honestly I’m still confused, cause my romantic side just can’t stop blaming Cal for everything, like: WHY IN THE WORLD IS WRONG WITH YOU?!!! YOU ARE MAKING THE SAME MISTAKE AGAIN!! DON’T YOU LEARNED THE LESSON?!! YOU JUST CAN’T REJECT THE WOMAN YOU LOVE TWICE!!!…

 I’m sure I’m not the only one who reacts this way at first, but then I think a little deeper about this character. 

First of all he was born to be king, his first instinct is to protect his kingdom, his people, before there were just silvers, but now after everything he has lived I’m sure he thinks about the reds like equals, I also think that he’s not completely desinterested in all the power that comes with the crown, but I think that’s not his priority. 

Another thing is that being the king means to have more opportunities, you know, because of the allies that he has now, to go after Maven with all that he has/can, I mean, ideas, war planning, strategy, armies… I know he had all that with the Scarlet Guard, but he was NOT IN CHARGED, and that kind of frustrates him since the beginning, tbh, he always have wanted to do things his way. Also he mentioned the intention of possibly try to fix Maven, and I think with the Scarlet Guard that would be just IMPOSIBLE I don’t know what to feel with that idea of fixing Maven, yet, cause you know, he has done a lot of terrible things but I have to confess I’m totally agains it, for reasons unknown, sorry, I feel guilty for that. 

My romantic side that I mentioned before, thinks that the ideal thing to do was to say all this to Mare, talk about all this pros with her and maybe make a plan together. We all know that Mare is stubborn, so if she says NO! then go back with her and maybe talk with his grandmother to put some kind of puppet in the throne, so he can rule from Mare’s side lol… But let’s face it, this IS NOT that kind of book. 


And once again I had to think things trough…

Mare has suffered A LOT! like seriously, if I was her, I probably would found an island to live by my own forever and forget all that conflict obviously her first instinct was to remember all the times people has betrayed her, lie to her, hide things from her, all the rage that hurt people feel when they trust someone and that person suddenly changes all the plans they supposed to have together. 

She’s traumatized cause that place was her cage for 6 months! I mean, I know that things would be so different with Cal, but still, the memories, the pain she would have feel all the time, every second, living there! I just can’t imagine that 

Also she is red! She can’t just leave all that represents her, her life, family, friends, cause is not in her to do so! She wouldn’t be Mare if she just follow the HOT KING everywhere he goes. that’s what I would do, but not her. I’m talking about first impressions, cause I really hope she rethinks all this in RQ4, maybe she would realize that Cal still loves her, but the situation requiers people fighting from all the fronts. 

The ideal think would be to her to planned things with Cal, not to say NO right the way, just take time to see the good and the bad points, and to find a way to Cal not to marry anyone, until Maven is caught, idk! 

So yeah, this are my thoughts so far, I know that I might be wrong, but I just want to get it all out!!… I confess there are times when my romantic side dominates me and I start to hate Cal again! In fact I’m not speaking to him for the moment. Plus things can change drastically on RQ4, can’t they??! 

I’m sure no one is going to read all of this, but it feels so good to get it out of my chest. I apologize if I have grammar or vocabulary mistakes, cause it happens to me a lot when I write in english.

@lightinggirlxredqueen i’m tagging you cause you said you wanted to read it, sorry if this is too long … oops!

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Model!neil au?

I think this one was sent like two days ago. Sorry I didn’t get to it earlier.

so i guess you’re thinking about an au in which neil’s a model instead of an exy player. well let me tell you you’re wrong

  • it’s all alison’s fault tbh
  • so here’s alison. she looks like a supermodel but is an exy player, we all know that… but then some agency is interested in her to do a campaign and it all scalates to her having an actual part-time job as a model
  • so one day the agency’s like ‘we need you to promote clothes for a magazine, you’ll be posing with this male model…’ and she stops them right there because she will choose her partner, because she’s alison reynolds
  • now, the twins are a no go, because they are a couple of tiny balls of rage (not really model material), kevin and matt are not really interested in modeling and nicky would love to do it but at the same time he doesn’t particularly like the idea of being bossed around by alison, so that leaves neil.
  • somehow alison ends up convincing neil to be her partner. (all it took was alison challenging neil and telling him she bets he will chicken out without even trying even if he doesn’t have to hide anymore. neil is going to be the first one to make alison lose a bet)
  • so here we are, a week later, and half the foxes are on set for the photoshoot, because andrew goes anywhere neil goes, kevin goes anywhere andrew goes and nicky goes anywhere cute guys go.
  • now. andrew. he’s basically neil’s shadow. he’s the only one allowed to assist neil with his clothes and would cut anyone who enters the changing room while they are it. after that there’s an entire team of stylists hovering around neil (half of them women), and neil has to give verbal consent to every single thing they do to stop adrew from breaking someone’s neck. 
  • when they’re finished, though, andrew wants to punch someone.
  • whoever decided to put neil in a pair of skinny black jeans is going to die. and if they’re the same person who gave neil that salmon v-neck shirt that fits just right, andrew’s going to kill them slowly. 
  • andrew isn’t exactly sure what they did, but neil’s skin is smooth and clean, his hair styled in a way that frames his face and focuses everyone’s gaze on the un-scarred side of his face, his eyes are three shades bluer, his fucking eyelashes could kill him and god fucking damn it his lips
  • the worst part is that everyone notices. alison is nodding like she always knew neil was this hot. nicky is looking at neil like he’s found a new religion. kevin’s faking desinterest but there’s a hint of something in his eyes.
  • andrew wants to murder everyone
  • the worst than worst part? neil is having fun. neil had to keep a low profile for almost all his life. there’s a sort of thrill in being exposed so much, of breaking every rule he has.
  • in the end, neil is a success as a model and he’s so excited when the agency calls him again that when he asks andrew if it’d be okay for him to take the job, instead of saying “i fucking it”, andrew tells him “you don’t need to ask me for permission to do shit”

the sun was my archenemy yesterday, so the best foto I got till now is this indoor selfie :”D (I’m still too stupid to get my contacts in)

I also saw several Judals and Hakuryuus, another Ja’far with a Jamu and Judal, and an En that I only said hi to before I had to follow the group consisting of Kouen, Hakuei and Hakuryuu that I met at the entrance. Gotta still wait for that selfie Alibaba took with me and for word from the Ryuu whether I may post our selfie. Of the Hakuei and En that I followed I sadly got no fotos at all v_v

highlights of the day:
- a sweet girl coming up to me and telling me she loves me (Kouha) and wanting to hug and take a selfie together
- two teenager girls sitting in the manga/anime hall looking desinterested, but when I repacked my bags close to them they started to watch me and finally asked me whether they can take a photo of me. I told them there’re also other Magi cosplayers and they said they actually don’t know it and aren’t into cosplay XD but they liked mine
- while I waited close to the entrance for time to pass (my phone was dead and there was the only clock I found) someone approached me all in awe and told me about their friend who got a Koumei cosplay (tho not that day). we waited for her then and exchanged contact info <3
- everyone telling me it doesn’t look at all like my first cosplay

I got an idea now how to also do these guards and wanna try a way for the sword … and against everything I said before I started mapping out another cosplay in my head XD

                                                                                                          - bbl

im starting to slowly getting desinterested by homestuck for so many reasons

- Hiveswap not out yet

-i don´t like davekat tbh and it makes me feel that… weird feel of unsatisfactory shivers…… so, yeah, not for me.

-this fandom is turning weirder and weirder every single day.

-judemek is dying faster than what i thought and its the only thing tying me up to hiveswap.

- i have plans and an active social life.

-simple maturing. 

cute connverse hc no one asked for
  • Okay, a thing that’s been on my mind is Bollywood.
  • Beautiful, musical Bollywood with its colors, its songs, its originality! Imagine Connie being plenty desinterested about it (’’I feel they’re overdoing the same ol’ american topics on our culture!’’) but STEVEN, STEVEN LOVES IT. HE LOVES THE COLORS, THE CLOTHES, THE ROMANCE, THE M U S I C, OH MY GOD CONNIE LOOK !! CONNIE YOU MUST TEACH ME HOW TO DANCE LIKE HER PRETTY PLEASE!!
  • Connie, who is more comfortable now in the dancing-in-public thing , agrees because Steven is so in awe and it’s making his cutie pie face and she can’t say no to it okay?
  • They try to copy the dancers styles and, while they are both pretty clumsy at first, they learn and they are having so much fun
  • ((Practically it’s visual learning, remember that he lives with gems that dance 90% of their time ))
  • Connieeeeeee!!!!! That thingie you do with your feets is so cool!!! It looks like you are flying!!! 
  • okay now im thinking about steven floats and THEM DANCING IN THE AIR
  • oh my god, Stevonnie the goddess will totally ROCK in a Bollywood musical, just IMAGINE HER IN A SARI DANCING OVER BEACH CITY NIGHT SKY
  • Ronaldo sweared he saw a god-like crature looking pretty similar to alien moon goddesses representations
  • ‘’tHEY aRe BeTween uSSS’’
  • Imagine the gems joining them in their movie nights 
  • Just Steven and Connie being happy and cute dancing and sharing beautiful moments 
  • ((When Connie cried with a romance bollywood movie, Steven was so proud))
  • What do you want my next hc to be ?

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hey you recall that panel where dio flicks hierophant green's emeral splash? the part that makes me laugh is the fact that he looks so desinterested and he is not even looking! too bad the anime didn't reproduce that.

Yeah you’re absolutely right, they animated him so he’s at least looking at the emerald.  In the manga he’s so not caring:

He looks so bored, I love that.

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It's not fair to vote against Klaine. I love Chris Colfer's books, I've read them all, but the fact is I'm also a Klainer. We want to win to show those homophobic delena fans that they can't beat us, every vote for Delena goes to a Neathendral as Kurt Hummel would call it. So yes. Although I understand why you want to make it all about Chris in the chris colfer tag it's not fair to destroy our hard work for celebrating Chris's character On glee either!

First of all: you (and other Klainers) really have to stop saying that most/all? people who vote against Klaine are homophobic, whether they are Delena fans or not. It’s simply not true (although I’m sure there are a few, as there are idiots in every fandom). And it’s also quite low of you to try to bring a serious (and very real for many people) problem due to nasty, ignorant hate into a stupid fandom fight about a poll for ships.

Also: how nice of you to play the misunderstood victim card here, while in the same breath you’re calling Delena fans hateful names, saying they are homophobic and primitive (and no: Kurt Hummel would never call them that word).

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