People talk about Rose Quartz’s design a lot and she’s great

But I don’t see enough people talking about Jasper’s character design

It just made me really happy to see her because she’s really important not just to really tall 6-foot girls with big muscle mass but also little girls who want to grow up to be big and strong but only have male superheroes to look up to because all the female heroes and villains alike are skinny and small


Hi everyone!!! So apparently there’s a sale happening on Redbubble today, so I went ahead and uploaded some more versions of my Ocean Butterflies design

It’s currently available in two designs:

Single Butterfly (Pale pink)

Butterflies x3 (Pale pink, Teal)

If you’d like alternate colours/butterfly placement on any product please let me know and I can make it available asap!!

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okay so you know legally blonde, right

and she’s like “i have a 4.0″ and people are like “yeah, in fashion merchandising”

….so? as far as i can tell, all the bachelor’s programs for fashion merchandising are pretty in-depth. there’s math, economics, and required projects and internships, and lots of history and textile knowledge (obv) and idk if this would have been true of a 2002 program but also cad and other drafting knowledge

the most common careers for people with those appear to be management or design

it’s not? some blow-off major? a 4.0 in such a multi-disciplinary field is still impressive even if it’s not what you think of as a standard undergraduate degree for a law student

i mean obviously the film is about how feminine does not equal bad or lesser but no one ever addresses the fact that…her undergraduate degree is…not…somehow lesser….

(this post brought to you by someone suggesting elle took “history of polka-dots” which actually sounds fascinating but not something in the curriculum of any program I could find, but I guess if you have a professor who’s really knowledgeable about polka-dots it might be one of your seminars or independent studies or w/e)

(i would take history of polka-dots)