designing for web

I think the starkest illustration of the sheer senselessness of Tumblr’s design is that the status page that’s supposed to announce and explain service interruptions is hosted on the same infrastructure as the main website, so anything that causes a service interruption for the latter - including planned maintenance - also takes down the status page explaining it.

Ravenclaw Headcanon

Some Muggle Born Ravenclaws heard about the website and were inspired. They spent long nights developing The site quickly spread across the school and ratings for each professor went live. Upperclassmen wrote detailed reviews of professors for the First Years; filled with tips and tricks to pass each class. 

Professor Longbottom was overwhelmingly rated the hottest teacher.

Finally finished designing my new OC that I started before my Cintiq broke. Her name is Ri Joong and her Korean nickname (given by her father) is Bunno (meaning Anger). She is a very smart person but she has a short fuse. She has “permanent bitch face” seeming to always be upset or mad. She was born and raised in the city of Seoul in South Korea. Her family appeared very normal until she became a teenager. Ri noticed her dad would leave a lot and come back with so much money that it was very odd. She’d ask her mother but it wasn’t until Ri was 18 and followed her father to where he “worked”. He was a boss for a criminal organization. She ran home and told her brother Hee-Chul and he told her not to worry about it since she’d be heading off to university soon anyways so she wouldn’t have ties to him. Now, Ri is 28 years old and is a medical doctor. Hee-Chul is a 35 year old business man helping small companies get a good start. Both of them have remained in contact but don’t talk nearly as often since Ri was sent to Russia to help with the huge influx of injured and sick people. She ended up meeting the Rebel group through Casey and Silence when they were really badly injured after escaping Mitch. She agreed to help because the clinic she worked for was awful and treated everyone poorly.

(Ri also speaks 3 languages now, Korean, English and Russian so she can understand what’s going on and speak to the other foreign doctors and patients she had to see)