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I think the starkest illustration of the sheer senselessness of Tumblr’s design is that the status page that’s supposed to announce and explain service interruptions is hosted on the same infrastructure as the main website, so anything that causes a service interruption for the latter - including planned maintenance - also takes down the status page explaining it.

Ravenclaw Headcanon

Some Muggle Born Ravenclaws heard about the website and were inspired. They spent long nights developing The site quickly spread across the school and ratings for each professor went live. Upperclassmen wrote detailed reviews of professors for the First Years; filled with tips and tricks to pass each class. 

Professor Longbottom was overwhelmingly rated the hottest teacher.


06.18.17 // It’s easy for me to get caught up in the aesthetic side of the studyblr world. Putting together pretty layouts is fun. But today, I’m here to share the technical side of studyblr. I’m here to talk about how I work. I’m in the web development field, and while I favor back-end development, I’m working on building an all-around skill set. I really enjoy being able to casually work on a project, rather than full blown sessions at a computer. I also love the ability to change up my work area, and go to coffee shops to work. I work best when I’m not distracted by tasks to do at home.

The Tools I do 90% of my coding on my iPad Air 2, which allows me to be extremely mobile. I use a Clamcase keyboard, which serves as both a keyboard and a stand for my iPad. Let me go on a quick rant about keyboards for iPads. I searched far and wide for keyboards for my iPad. Because I type way faster than I write, I used my iPad as my note-taking tool. My biggest complaint was that my iPad would fall off of my keyboard due to the tiny desks in university classrooms. It drove me absolutely crazy. Because the Clamcase actually holds the iPad in a frame, the iPad stays secure with no risk of falling out. I also rely on my iPhone when designing webpages, because who wants a webpage that isn’t optimized for mobile? Not this gal! I also have a Mac that I use for more intense CSS and layout, because nothing replaces Web Inspector.

The apps:
-Prompt: Prompt is a handy little SSH console that takes place of Terminal. I often use it to communicate with MySQL, since I haven’t installed phpMyAdmin. I wanted to learn the ability to communicate with MySQL without using the easier web interface.
-Transmit: This app allows me to manage files on my server. Quite a handy little tool.
-Textastic: This code editor is a life saver. It provides colored guides for the syntax of my choice (which really helps me check for mistakes), and allows me to upload to my server in the app.

I hope this gives a small look into how I work!