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There have to be Alternian sun-cults though.

I’ve seen a couple trolls with that kind of belief system, and I think it makes sense: they’re the equivalent of that crazy fringe group who sticks flyers under your doorstep.

I’m not very good at designing religions, so leave it to greater minds than I, but I can see the sun potentially being:

a) a sort of force of judgment; you live or die by it, but if you do get killed by its rays, that’s the best sort of death you can have, there’s no spectrum killing you, it’s just the sheer power of The Sun/sometimes the only freedom you have is choosing how you die, etc.

b) a source of purification/strength: if your flesh gets burned and you survive, it will grow back stronger


c) trolls with fire psiionics are honored! the sun is their strength, etc. etc, they are the chosen ones who will BLAZE A GLORIOUS FUTURE. 

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It’s a silly thing: Write at least 7 facts about yourself as a fan of the show.
Tag your YoI fans in here if you like, and let’s see how many we are. 

  1. I relate with both Yuri P and Yuuri K. I guess I can relate with Yuuri K’s anxiety attacks and Yuri P’s rage mode. Also, I can be a daunting tutor when I teach a hoop class, probably something that might be similar if ever those two take up coaching. (At least that is how I see them as coaches. Yuri P with a focus on precision and technicalities, Yuuri K and stamina so repetition until perfection levels kind of training ahaha!)
  2. I have never pre-ordered so much merch (official and fanmade) until Yuri on Ice happened. It’s ridiculous how I look at the merch and now that they just released a whole new set of designs (collab goods agh!), I wish my money resources would be greater than the current state because they are all so pretty.
  3. I’ve been drawing a whole lot of Otayuri art. I love them so much. I can’t stop drawing them. <3
  4. When I commute, I read a lot of Yuri on Ice fan fiction from AO3. It helps me pass the time. And at least I feel some kind of happiness instead of impatience while waiting for my ride.
  5. I’ve never sold fanmade merch until Yuri on Ice happened? First time to join a booth in a Yuri on Ice fan gathering last March and it was actually very fun.
  6. Otabek Altin is a god. Well, maybe, almost? Hahahaha. At least that is what I think! And I can’t help but want him to look so amazing when I am trying to draw him.
  7. Viktor Nikiforov will always have a special place in my heart. He might have gotten a new appreciation on life and love because of Yuuri K but I also think he’s a great person who brought out a lot of the talents from both Yuuri K and Yuri P.  He is not perfect but he is still “Wow! Amazing!” in my book. 

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What are your favourite westworld theories?

you sent this last week and i missed it during all of the political posts/events, so sorry i’m late getting to it! my main theory already came to pass this sunday tho. i’ll continue to update this bc it keeps coming to me!


1. bernard being a robot was pretty obvious tbh. it was actually so obvious that at first i figured that theresa was the robot, partially bc bernard said in the first episode that he wanted his engineers to study a few of her facial ticks. but it became pretty obvious a few episodes ago she was human. plus the thing about westworld is that it’s built on tropes, so someone had to be a secret robot, and it had to be bernard.

2. things aren’t necessarily happening at the same time. the first clue to this was the fact that lawrence jumped between moving plot lines almost immediately—he was killed and reappeared too fast for things to be continuous. this was the first moment i started thinking about the timeline. 

2a. building off that, i do think white hat william is the man in black and we’re seeing him 40 years ago, how he became the man he is. remember the first episode? he said that he and dolores go way back. he’s been coming here for 40 years. and in this latest episode, he said he wanted a way to stay here in the park.

2b. remember that logan and william’s company is looking to buy the park—it would make sense that he ended up taking over from logan and became the head of delos. william’s growing love for the park, his exploration of his ability to kill and make morally dubious choices, william and the man in black also “meeting” dolores in the same way, i.e. picking up the rolling can, dolores’ leading him to the place she “dreamed” of and the man in black’s obsession with the maze…it all fits. 

edit: and dolores could be shortened to delos. aieeeee

3. westworld takes place on mars, or another terraformed planet. i didn’t come up with this theory on my own, i read about it, but i really like it, especially since the producers recently said that they wouldn’t confirm westworld is in north america.

4. the robot being built in ford’s lab is theresa. :( if so, how many previous corporate envoys has he done this to? how many plants does he have? and then, it stands to reason that bernard was perhaps once human himself.

4a. speaking of bernard again, i also saw online that an anagram of bernard lowe is arnold weber. i don’t think we ever got a last name for arnold, but there’s a post here that kind of expands on the connection of the names ford and weber/bernard. 

4b. thus, i also think that bernard is the robot replication of arnold. remember what ford said a few episodes? arnold’s greatest desire was to create consciousness. i think he not only uploaded himself into bernard, he also specifically uploaded his goals and morals. that’s why bernard is the most clearly “good” character we have—why he is working with dolores to explore her consciousness, etc. bernard is the one talking to hosts.

4c. then, would bernard’s backstory be arnold’s? would this have happened before the man in black’s company, delos, created technology that could cure any disease? did arnold’s son die? was the woman gina torres played arnold’s real wife, a bot replica, or just an example of how bernard’s the ultimate unreliable narrator?

5. if bernard is the unreliable narrator, how do we know that what we saw, him sitting in the lab talking to elsie, was true? (that said, see theory 7a.)

5a. in the preview for the next episode, we see bernard looking bleary eyed and furious with ford, standing over an operating table. it’s either theresa or elsie. does that mean bernard won’t be wiped this time? or has he always retained his memories, because of arnold’s programming, and he’s been playing subservient for ford? arnold’s ethos seems to be designed around sacrifice for the greater good.

6. if bernard, head of engineering, is a host, it would seem pretty likely that there are other hosts working in the labs. perhaps, say, felix? maeve’s control of them really rides on a totally unbelievable amount of their stupidity—she threatened them to take her intelligence up, and all they had to do was take it down. did someone program tweedle dee and tweedle dum to turn maeve into their leader? 

6a. what about head of security, Other Hemsworth? it’s predictable sci-fi twists, but there will be another one, trust me. 

7. i think that Other Hemsworth (cannot remember his character’s name for the life of me) is trying to stop Ford and his robotic empire. remember what he said about not trusting them and always needing to keep his gun on him? this feels a bit too obvious but at this point i think the show embraces that. there has to be some resistance at play beyond just arnold’s.

7a. i think he was the one who grabbed elsie—to keep her from exposing herself to bernard, and thus ford. he’s having her help him from the shadows now. 

8. maybe sylvester and felix, the two techs working with maeve, are both hosts (maybe all the “butchers” are). their names are both names of cartoon cats, perhaps this alludes to the “nine lives” of cats, aka rebirth and the essential immortality of hosts, or foreshadowing that their roles are connected to game of cat and mouse, or “a contrived action involving constant pursuit, near captures, and repeated escapes.” this is essentially the entire plot of the show, especially maeve’s own role. 

8a. if so, or maybe even regardless, maeve is being just as manipulated—she is being pushed into being the leader of the host revolution, as per arnold’s desire.

9. they’re called “hosts” because delos plans to host human consciousness into their immortal robot bodies. they care about the tech, not the park. 

Is design in the digital age—so often assumed to be for the greater good—truly for everyone? The new exhibition This Is for Everyone, opening today, explores this question with design works from MoMA’s collection that celebrate the promise and occasional flipside of contemporary design. The object below is a 3D-printed helmet. 

[Neri Oxman, Mediated Matter Group, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, W. Craig Carter, MIT Materials Science and Engineering, Stratasys (est. 1989). Imaginary Beings (Medusa 2). 2012. The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Committee on Architecture and Design Funds]



I was born and raised in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. An Island located in the Caribbean, east of Cuba and the Dominican Republic. It is a very nice place to live in with awesome weather all year long. Unfortunately, our present economic recession has made it almost impossible to live in Puerto Rico. With $70 billion in debt, and a 15% unemployment rate, the Island has seen a historic population decline. An average of 48 individuals leave the Island each day. According to the Center for a New Economy, this talent leak has cost Puerto Rico $3 billion. This exodus, along with other issues such as the homicide rate, is making the Island bleed to its death.

The idea of the creative talent in the Island as the catalyst for economic and social change is generating more and more interest amongst the creative communities in Puerto Rico. However, outside of this circle, designers face many obstacles. Frustrated by this, I decided to pursue a Masters degree here at Pratt Institute, not only to become a good designer, but to better prepare myself for the task of contributing to the creation of better conditions so that the Communications Design industry in Puerto Rico can grow.

The main issue that most designers can pinpoint is the lack of value for design that their clients and the general public have. Design is perceived as a luxury product rather than a necessity. There are people trying to change this perspective, with a series of proposals being presented to the Senate to better integrate the industry into the economy. This is a positive example of how the design industry in Puerto Rico is starting to make strides in the right direction. But while we wait for all this bureaucratic process to take place, what can we Puerto Rican designers do to keep the momentum going and contribute in a more direct way?

As a Communications Designer, I believe in the power of creative thinking to change and transform the world in a positive way. I believe in the responsibility each designer has to use their unique problem solving skills for a greater good. Based on this belief I thought of 2 possible directions I’m interested in exploring.

Direction 01:

Emphatic and responsible Communications Design as a way to help bring economic activity to local businesses. I want to explore how can designers help local brands compete in the market. Instead of designing “for” local businesses, the emphasis should be in designing “with” local businesses. I want to explore the use of available local resources and platforms to communicate their ideas.

Direction 02:

Use Human Centered Design methodologies to solve social problems in Puerto Rico, at the same time educating the community on the benefits of good design. It is evident that Puerto Rico is in need for positive social change. My idea is to use HCD methods, and tailor them to the needs of the Island. By integrating the community in the design process, we can design truly useful and effective solutions. At the same time taking the role of educator to nurture “design literacy”.

This got me thinking…parallels. Spoilers if aren’t caught up on TWD or familiar with The Hunger Games.

I’m seeing some parallels between the Hunger Games triangle and the most talked about “possible” triangle of The Walking Dead.

In the HG, Katniss and Gale are very close and are much alike coming from the same experiences, class, and background, and there are hints of romance (and in this case, Gale is pretty open about his feelings for Katniss). Like Katniss’s and Gale relationship, Daryl and Carol are similar, both “damaged” people so they understand each other’s background and circumstances so have obviously form a bond. Romance has been hinted/ joked about (but never confirmed as of now) for Daryl and Carol but no declarations have been made from either but they clearly care for each other.

Peeta and Katniss because of the reaping are put together in harrowing circumstances and become indispensable to each other to play in the HGs and life after and while Katniss in the novels struggles at first to recognize her feelings, she eventually realizes that it is Peeta that she can’t be without. It’s fair to say that these two would never have likely had any kind of relationship because they are so different in their district’s classes, experiences, etc… Katniss even with Peeta’s friendship/eventual love also never feels like she deserves him calling herself “violent” “distrustful” and “deadly” and throughout the novels, she gets angry when she feels he will recognize those things in her and be disgusted so she lashes out at him. Peeta ever hopeful and positive, though realistic, even recognizes at times that his existence isn’t as important as Katniss’s because she is important to many and the revolution and “useful,” whereas he just hopes to have been able to help her but made a difference and “did something” and not let the games change him for the worse. Both learn and pick up things from each other, both thinking the other is the more important and willing to sacrifice themselves for the other.

In the end, Katniss chooses Peeta, not because she cares less for Gale, but two main things happen : a) he makes a decision that destroys lives, including her family and b) she realizes that she and Gale are too alike…he is like fire and angry too much like herself, while Peeta is the “dandelion in the spring” the representation of hope, goodness, and second chances.

Like the HG’s Katniss/Peeta, Daryl and Beth come together because they are pushed into being together due to the fall of the prison, otherwise the likelihood of those two forming a relationship was likely low. As TWD writers tell us, it’s a strong bond now btwn Daryl and Beth because of the circumstances they find themselves in. Daryl (like Katniss) even lashes out at Beth, afraid that she will notice his shortcomings or blame him for the events that happened. Beth ever hopeful and positive, helps Daryl see that things could still “be good” and he doesn’t have to lose him self and he asks her to remind him of those things because like Katniss, it’s not naturally how he thinks. Norman Reedus pretty much here stated that and also that she/Beth becomes Daryl’s light and reminder of the good. This seems similar to me in how Katniss needs/eventually chooses Peeta because she needs his “light.” Like Peeta, Beth is realistic. She even says she will be “gone someday” which Daryl negates but she recognizes that Daryl is important ( especially how he became a leader in the prison) and is built for that world, and useful. Eventually Daryl and Beth learn from each other and like Katniss/Peeta, both think the other is more important and willing to sacrifice themselves for the other. From the Alone episode, it seems to hint that Daryl is developing feelings for Beth but initially like Katniss he doesn’t recognize or understand those feelings so possibly wouldn’t have made any declarations anyway.

Now Carol like Gale makes a choice ( seems to be pretty confirmed as of present unless it’s a surprise) that leads in human deaths and it doesn’t seem or seemed like Daryl would approve of that action, as Katniss doesn’t. I can’t remember where I read this but some media source made the comment that Carol and Daryl are too alike to be together and that Beth may be the better choice because she can give him that “ push” that “ hope” he needs to keep going forward.

Beth like Peeta is the embodiment of goodness. In HG’s everyone remarks that Peeta is just too good a person, even Gale who wants to hate him can’t find it in himself to do that. Norman Reedus described Beth similarly like not a “bad bone in her body” and “honest.”

Carol like Gale realizes that things need to be done… Each stepping up with how they feel they can help. Gale with his design/trap that leads to deaths but feeling for the greater good in the revolution and Carol by killing two people with a virus to contain it for the greater good ( the lives in the prison). Both in a way are banished, carol literally by Rick, whereas Gale decides to leave knowing things won’t be the same.

Like Peeta is taken away from Katniss, so is Beth from Daryl. Both events devastating to Katniss and Daryl, both likely feeling like it’s their fault and they failed them, but both also determined to get them back. Katniss eventually is reunited with Peeta, and although things don’t go initially smoothly, they get together. At this point Beth’s fate is yet to be determined, but I believe that a reunion will happen ( it’s duration we will need to wait and see).

I don’t write this to ship one way or not in the world of TWD, just how interesting I found this parallel and wonder how close it will continue…

Can’t wait too see how TWD plays out the Daryl/Beth piece and Daryl/Carol piece from the platonic or romantic POV on both ends to also see how it parallels ( or not ) the HG.