designing for the greater good

There have to be Alternian sun-cults though.

I’ve seen a couple trolls with that kind of belief system, and I think it makes sense: they’re the equivalent of that crazy fringe group who sticks flyers under your doorstep.

I’m not very good at designing religions, so leave it to greater minds than I, but I can see the sun potentially being:

a) a sort of force of judgment; you live or die by it, but if you do get killed by its rays, that’s the best sort of death you can have, there’s no spectrum killing you, it’s just the sheer power of The Sun/sometimes the only freedom you have is choosing how you die, etc.

b) a source of purification/strength: if your flesh gets burned and you survive, it will grow back stronger


c) trolls with fire psiionics are honored! the sun is their strength, etc. etc, they are the chosen ones who will BLAZE A GLORIOUS FUTURE.