This is a rather large excerpt from the radio transcript on Channel two by the Dallas police department the day John. F. Kennedy was assassinated. Fun little piece I threw together to demonstrate how powerful highlighting can be and about keeping it simple. 

Bottom photo is just a close up clipping from the piece. 

Making a print 18"x24"


jadi ke Gramed hari ini abis 11 bln nggak nginjek nih toko, trs the firsf book that caught my attn featured was this. Wah trnyt ini proyek yg dl diceritain @primorizky sama babynya @studiogeometry dan kolab sama @resatio jg. Well done !!! Sad I missed the contributor opp.

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Number twenty nine! More here from perpetualthoughts, whose previous work included this. It appears that scarcity of time makes people react! We’ve had several more new designs posted in the last day or so! If you want to see them, or want to join them in the mad rush towards the deadline (and you haven’t already!) your more than welcome! Click on the link in the picture! Best wishes & DFTBA