The T-Shirt Game

Lately, I had the opportunity to create some fun, sleek, and eye-catching t-shirt designs for Hardly Humane‘s up and coming Spring line. In doing this it has inspired me to create a post for some other T-Shirt designers and companies that may be under the radar but will def be in the spot light soon enough.

1. Hardly Humane

Designer Casey Renae (guest graphic designer), Theodore Griffin III (CEO) and Meaca Woodson Bey (CEO) COMING SOON for more information email

2. Colourful Money

Founded in 2008, Colourful Money is a visual adaptation of joie de vivre (the joy of living). There clothes are designed for those who seek to define success and style on their own terms. Colourful Money is the interpretation of the art of living… it’s the canvas that you live your life in and we take great pride in sharing that with you. Read more

- Karim “G00$E” Spaulding

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3. ArtOfficial Intelligence Shop

Power Your Imagination!

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Commercial Break: Verizon Showdown…..Another hilarious commercial


Throwback: Brazilian Ads About Child Sexual Abuse….Brazilian anti-pedophilia campaign (the organization is called CERCA). Though chosen for the great Art Direction (in my opinion) I believe that it tells a very STRONG story. A child abuser/pedophilia could be close to home and I definitely believe this campaign brought that to our attention.

Do you believe this campaign is coming on to strong?

Repairing the World with LEGO Bricks by Robin Parrish

Proving once again the versatility of the world’s greatest toy, a German artist named Jan Vormann is traveling around the world, “repairing” old buildings and decaying structures with LEGO bricks. This “guerilla art,” which he’s dubbed Dispatchwork, has already taken him to major global cities like Tel Aviv, Berlin, Amsterdam, St. Petersburg, Zuerich, and most recently, a two-week stint in New York City.

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