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"I have an anything goes approach to challenges. As long as ideas fit with the theme, I just try to not overthink them and have fun with the process. The designs I spend the least amount of time fussing over tend to end up being my personal favourites." - Tony Riff

Meet the winning designer (and his pal Sharkbro) behind our Spring Break design challenge!

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart
—  Helen Keller (Via My-safe—haven)

A Triple Take on Fashion with @jacquemus

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Simon Porte Jacquemus (@jacquemus) — a young, playful designer showing his collection in Paris today — has discovered that when it comes to posting photos, three isn’t a crowd. Simon tells stories through a trio of similar images, each with a different zoom or cheeky twist. “I just quickly realized that posting three was more strong and beautiful,” he says. “It’s kind of a signature.”

Simon, 25, has also become known for exaggerated silhouettes and vivid colors in the six years since he launched his line. His photos elaborate on that story. “They’re about my everyday life in the Jacquemus studio, with colors, graphics and a smile.” And Simon’s favorite photograph? “I’m a fan of selfies with fruits. #Selfruits. I also mix my fashion with fruits.”

Loop #51 

This one is another version of the 3rd loop I did a year back, in honor of Trevor Dickson, the wonderful human being who is posing here and who just became a dad. Congrats dude !

I haven’t been very active on the #gif front lately, that’s about to change!
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March will be super busy month for me guys so I’ll propbably post nothing or just reblog old stuff the majority of you haven’t seen in the past.

The thing I’m working on right now involves this dude.His name is Punk. Some of yall might recognize him from my old deviantart account.