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#Sponosred by @AdobeStock I am always happy to try something new, it is so relaxing. This time, I had the opportunity to experiment with line art and photos. I created this montage using #AdobeStock photos & pattern (their new search features let you find everything your are looking for so fast!). Right now they are offering 10 images for free when you sign up for a free trial - Link in bio! So let’s try something new!

lena luthor 👸🏻 could own 🔐 any designer clutch 👛 in the world 🌎 but the only one ☝🏼 she wants 😍 is kara danver’s clutch 👱🏻‍♀️👅😫


Inspired by vibrant and old book covers, Olympia Le-Tan launched her You Cant Judge A Book By Its Cover collection in September 2009. Her love of literature was a passion she shared with her father, French illustrator Pierre Le-Tan, and her talent for embroidery was inherited from her grandmother. Each clutch is handmade in France, lined with beautiful Liberty of London fabric, and limited to only 16 pieces per design. I would love to own any of these incredible book bags –  it would look so lovely sitting on my bookshelf when I am not carrying it! (Via honestlywtf)


Brooklyn Nine-Nine AUs: Dianetti 

Gina Linetti has always been comfortable being herself: shes eclectic, unique, and feared nothing. That was the case until a week ago when her apartment was broken into and some of her precious valuables were stolen, including: $160 in cash, a TV, a large painting of a naked lady on a lion, a set of Joseph Gordon-Levitt nesting dolls (homemade and irreplaceable), one music box that plays “She Works Hard for the Money” when opened, and, a knock-off designer clutch. After this horrible event occurred, Gina no longer felt safe there. Instead she chose to show up to work early and stay late. Her boss, Raymond Holt, noticed the difference in Gina’s personality and actions. He decided to sign her up for self defence classes. Gina reluctantly attended the class, and was pleasantly surprised at her instructor, Rosa Diaz. Rosa was the most badass woman she had ever laid her eyes on - besides herself of course - and Gina might have a tiny (huge) crush on said instructor.

If anyone is interested in reading this, and/or you write something based off of this please let me know.

Sunday Respite - Magical Theory, Made Magical Practice

Some find their limits within their bones. They cannot stretch beyond their mortal frame. They are imprisoned within the confines that the gods cursed them with. They live as they die; amongst what distant others permit them too.

Wizards don’t have time for that. They’re too busy burning off their eyebrows and polymorphing their garden variety animals into humanoid slaves … and their humanoid slaves into garden variety animals. 

Why? Because they can. 

When your only limit is how accurately you can recite Draconic literature, as long as you can talk-the-walk, so to speak, you can walk-the-talk. Here are some glorious gubbins and gatherings to grasp in gluttonous grips and gaze upon with greedy glares, goaded by gloating grimaces groaning with gusto.

Magic stuff for spell-casters and wizardly folk.

Otan’s Feral Ring of the Many Brothers

Otan stood atop the desert dune, heated orange in the setting sunlight before him. His loosely-robed torso of pastel chalk billowed with the winds which shook whisps of sand into the air around. He glanced down to his flank, and the crouched humanoid next to him, who was also wearing loose white linen robes of similar design. It clutched handfuls of sand between his fingers, and snarled with sharpened fangs. It shared Otan’s tattoos, his physique, and his pointed ears. The sand-raiders who sprung their attack on his caravan only expected one magician. They were only paid to expect one. Now half of their number lay dead in flames and blood-stained sand; all laid low by the hand of either of the two brothers, whether curved into an arcane gesture, or primal claws.

Debtor’s Grip

The Debtor’s Grip is a single glove of black leather, decorated with a silver framework over the palm, holstering a colourless, octagonal gem in the flat of the hand. When passed close to enchanted or otherwise magical objects, the crudely inscribed runes of draconic text glow with a dim, white light. Once worn, and only once per passing of the sun, the wearer can effectively ‘catch’ a hostile spell and store its effect within the gem. Later in the day, the glove can be used upon utterance of a command phrase, and the spell stored will once again shoot into life, now under the control of the Debtor’s Grip and its master.

Crown of Crows

High spires of jagged iron, run wrought with age and rust, climb from the crown around her scalp. They stand, at the shortest, perhaps a foot in height, and are each capped with a perpendicular rod. Upon each of these fixtures was perched a mangy crow with ragged feathers and maimed eyes, bloodshot and weak. She is often seen bring one down off its perch and whispering to it, bringing its beak to her ear, smiling to its face, feeding it a pinch of flower seed, and then kissing its head and returning it to its perch. Some say that the crows know and see everything about everyone in her court. Others say that they are each demons tasked to defend her to the death by her infernal master, which she communicates with through her whispers.

Staff of Inflation

This staff is made of coiled reeds, strapped together with leather bindings at every 3 inches along the shaft. Atop the head is a metal cap depicting a unicorn’s head, crafted from shining platinum; it’s single horn sharpened to a flawless point. Once the staff has it’s spike pushed into something solid, the command word can be spoken, and the target will be suddenly injected with gallons-upon-gallons of rushing spring-water This tears flesh to tatters from within, breaks open foundations, and splinters plate mail and armour.

Paper Fan on the Violet Drake

This paper fan can fold and unfold alike any other of its kind. The pattern across its face is of a wicked, Drake-like serpentine monstrosity, snaking across a meadow in bloom, locked in battle with a faceless mage wielding dozens of wands. When the fan is spread fully across its frame, each of the wooden fingers holding the art tight are seen to be entirely unique shafts of wood, either in design, proportion, or material. When held under close inspection, the astutest appraiser can note that each of them resemble wizard’s wands, each gently flaring with fleeting magic upon occasion, as if their potential is itching to erupt, and is bursting at the seams wit anticipation.


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