I’m SOOOO excited for the beginning of the new season of my favourite TV show ever: PROJECT RUNWAY!

It seems we are going to see a lot of drama in this new season and one of the best new things in it will be the chance for Tim Gunn (<3) to be present at runways and give the judges some tips and suggestions.

Btw, to cut a long story short, what’s important now is choosing the best and the worst designers of the episode. Contestants were asked to make outfits out of…PARACHUTES! I thought I had seen it all in 11 seasons of the show, yet they always manage to find something unexpected for the designers (I love it!)

My favourite dress was Bradon’s (photo 1) and the worst in my opinion (even if not as bad as other designers in the past seasons who were eliminated during the first episode) was Angela’s (photo 2).

And you know what? Judges agreed with me :D Bradon won (so he has immunity for next episode) and Angela got eliminated (poor thing, she seemed so nice!).

But that’s it, one day you’re in, the next day you’re out!

Next friday (or saturday, don’t know) for the review of the second episode!