THE KICKSTARTER IS LIVE! Grab a pin or three, some patches, some stickers, and my love! We’re starting with a goal of $895 to fund the first set, shown above, but as we move forward the other loved ‘n cherished snake designs (below!) will become available. 

$15 bucks gets you a pin, patch and a sticker, while $30 doubles that plus an extra sticker, and $45 gives you three pins, three patches, and five stickers. As designs become unlocked, you’ll be able to choose which snakes you’d like to adopt!

Not a fan of snakes? Saving your cash? $1 backers get phone wallpapers, $5+ backers get the Kickstarter exclusive pin design tutorial, and heck, reblogs, telling a friend, sharing the link are all super important and make my heart glow a little brighter. 

Thanks for the responses and support over the months - we got the project going this far and I hope that soon these pins and other goods will become a reality as well!

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🌙 moon sign associations

Aries moon: heels, dancing at the club, sincere honesty, walking dogs in the snow, reminiscing, black sweaters, spiked hot chocolate, texting first, natural hair. 

Taurus moon: mangoes, lighting tealights in the window, pine trees, limestone, massage oil, listening to rain and the fireplace, piles of unread books, kissing.

Gemini moon: the sound of electricity, windy days, cocktails in dimly lit bars, black tie events, nylons, putting a new mixtape in the CD player, voice notes.

Cancer moon: floods, pillow-filled beds and fairy lights, vanilla incense, layered scarves, morning routines, playing with messy hair, blackberry picking with a friend.

Leo moon: honeypots, glitter, concerts in the desert, laughing, midnight streaking, karaoke, scribbling down new ideas on napkins. 

Virgo moon: pottery, photography road trips, wildflower bouquets, essential oils, new pens, humming alone in the car, expensive candles.

Libra moon: empathy, thank you notes, space buns, satin sheets, jasmine, interstate road trips, art museums, roses, artistic Instagram posts, cute underwear.

Scorpio moon: going braless, 3am thunderstorms, whiskey, eyeliner, crystal balls, biting your lip, beaded curtains, good shoes, drunk calling and hanging up, neon lights.

Sagittarius moon: rum, adrenaline, passports, drinking in the street, spruce trees, sailboats, concerts, glow in the dark paint, kissing in the dark.

Capricorn moon: quietly drinking coffee, tree stumps, succulents, nice pens, bears waking from hibernation, seeing off friends at the airport.

Aquarius moon: cigarettes, meteor showers, refurbishing thrift store vinyl, geometric designs, hanging feathers, cucumbers, finding mushrooms in the woods, documentary date nights.

Pisces moon: calligraphy, sitting at the shore, prismatic light, music from the 60s-70s, rose water, bubble baths, playing fantasy games with children.


Dieter Rams, Record Player P1, 1959. Braun AG. Photos: © Ele Rohde.

Re: Braun+Design Börse 20.05.2017, Kronberg, Frankfurt. The place to be for all the Braun enthusiasts and collectors in Germany.

Für Freunde der guten Form lohnt sich ein Besuch der Veranstaltung, die es bereits seit 1982 gibt. Hier findet man vorbildliches Industriedesign zum Anfassen (und Kaufen). Das Ganze lässt sich mit einem Besuch der Braun BraunSammlung in unmittelbarer Nähe verbinden.

things I associate with the types
  • ESTP: the earth beneath your fingernails after a long day, waking up feeling full of light and ready to get up, summer evenings, the press of a friend’s hand into yours, tan lines that pop on your skin, the chill of rainwater as it slides through your hair, feet sticking out of car windows, running around backyards as the sunlight fades
  • ESTJ: the jarring echo of a microphone when bumped, mowed grass, a newly immaculate room with everything accessible, the fresh smell of rental cars, neat calendars pinned above desks, new school supplies stacked up in your room, monopoly games, sliding into a perfectly made bed at the end of a long day, unpacking in a hotel room, taking yourself out for dinner
  • ESFP: throwing your arm around a friend, gaudy beaded bracelets put together by your little cousin, the quick pant of an excited dog, the smell of campfires, paint stuck in the crevices of your hand, taking neat notes for the kid who’s absent, an instagram full of pictures of you and your friends, screaming the lyrics to songs as you ride down the highway
  • ESFJ: staying after school to help a teacher clean up, biting your tongue to try to stop laughing during class, a sticky kiss from a child, kindergarten art rooms, listening patiently to stories you’ve heard before, staggering around in your mom’s high heels as a kid, walking around town with ice cream and friends, squeezing lemon juice into your hair
  • ENTP: having to do a group project by yourself, walking back and forth to calm your excitement, desks cluttered with papers, the sound of quick typing, the rush of relief after walking out of uncomfortable situations, lying to get a reaction out of someone, the sting of tears brought on by anger, the perfect comeback, mascara smeared down your face
  • ENTJ: protest signs, pinning magazine cut outs to your wall, walking to the front of a room to give a presentation, the click of high heels, tilting your chair back and crossing your arms to show your disapproval, the smell of paint, friendly debates with loud words and wide gestures, losing track of time and blinking tiredly at the clock, perfectly tailored suits left wrinkled on bedroom floors
  • ENFP: bulletin boards with inspiring quotes, humming along off-key beneath your breath, bare feet on hot sand, pinterest projects, curling ribbon with scissors, sewing your own clothes, improvised road trips, bubblegum pink lipstick, convincing a friend to buy themself that new outfit, silly nicknames, candy wrappers littered on the floor, compliments from strangers in public restrooms, good morning texts
  • ENFJ: cute notes left in people’s lockers, talking a friend through their self confidence issues, cleaning your room at two in the morning, dark thoughts that only slip into your mind late at night, the press of a kiss to your forehead, picking out your clothes the night before, convincing a friend to come dance with you, the hand on your shoulder
  • ISTP: taking apart pens and examining the individual parts, spilling out emotions that you’ve kept tightly wound inside, the smell of rubber tires on pavement, writing down your thoughts to better understand them, clenched fists, research papers laid out across a table, jumping off a rock wall and letting the cord catch you, polaroid cameras
  • ISTJ: setting yourself deadlines, slipping candy to a worried friend, puns, stretching after a long day, downing too much coffee so you can stay up to work, drawing tablets, buying Christmas gifts a month in advance, the smell of grass after a rain, sitting in comfortable silence with a good friend, before and after pictures, old family trinkets
  • ISFP: petitions passed around classrooms, a friend’s artwork hanging on your wall, the weight of a child on your hip, getting up early to see the sunrise, interior design, vinyl albums, sitting on rooftops with friends, detailed journals from years back stacked in your closet, the warmth of a cat curled up on your lap, sleepy kisses goodnight, the walk up on stage to collect an award
  • ISFJ: buying friends gifts for no occasion, old photo albums lining bookshelves, waking up knowing that today is not yesterday, holding a bun up with just a pencil, splattered paint on brick walls, doing homework on the way to school, bitten lips rather than angry words, tentative hugs, the smell of vanilla, hair falling in front of your face when you duck your head
  • INTP: dead languages, long winded speeches that change topics multiple times, sweater vests, chalk boards covered with writing, lost glasses that are on top of your head, botanical gardens, finals week, bouncing up and down on the balls on your feet as you rant, unbrushed hair, library fines, the glow of a laptop late at night
  • INTJ: packing for college, perfectly winged eyeliner, beakers overflowing with bubbles, schedule overloads, chess games that last until late into the night, the feeling of silk on bare skin, locking your door while working, texting while walking, leaning forwards into discussions with your elbows on the table, rapid-fire conversations, makeup lined up along the sink
  • INFP: community gardens, braiding flowers into a friend’s hair, giggles, playing guitar to an empty room, yellow daisies, sudden anger, reading by candlelight, unexpected hugs, empty forest paths, make believe, whispers that you know no one can hear, understanding nods during rants, lifting someone up and spinning them around, the smell of new paper, forgotten tea that’s turned cool
  • INFJ: hanging lightbulbs, thick books where the spine curls inwards, shoulders shaking forwards when you won’t let yourself cry, absent kisses laid on top of heads, lying beside a friend in bed and talking to the ceiling, dessert left at a friend’s door, watching the people below from city windows, little notes from friends kept for years, the key to your childhood diary

Hey guys! Check out my “Golden Rainbat” custom Night King vinyl by Brandt Peters!☝😀 He’s for the “Bats in the Belfry” show opening tonight at 6PM at the Strangerfactory Gallery in New Mexico! 🦇🌈 It’s the beginning of Pride month! So I want to tell you about why I paint rainbows 🌈 😊 They unify all the colors, and bring them together in harmony. And that’s what I want for my art and the world 🌎 for us all to share in equality and love! And I love bats! I’m totally going batty over these vinyls! 😆 It was so much fun to paint an art toy again! 😊🖌 I took a break for a little bit but I hope to paint more toys after I finish my current projects! 😉 They’re a really great way to mix things up! 🎨 I definitely recommend painting them if you’ve never done it before! ☺🖌 But I also recommend you make it out to the show if you can! 😁 It’s a group show featuring some really talented guys and gals!✨✨ And if you’d like to take this guy home with you, please contact the gallery at! 😘 Hope you’re having a great Friday loves!

Edgar Varèse, Deserts / Hyperprism / Integrales / Density 21,5, Ensemble Instrumental de Musique Contemporaine de Paris, conducted by Konstantin Simonovitch, Les industries musicales et électriques Pathé-Marconi (IME Pathé-Marconi), unknown/1971


Hey guys! Its been a while since I posted. Anyway, lets get back into this with a bang!  Let me present to you some of my most prized possessions… the Kidrobot Gorillaz figures!  With the new album coming out sometime soon (?) I’ve been super hyped! 

So unlike most people I actually ordered these babies when they were first available on Kidrobot’s site.  It was right when Demon Days came out in 2005, I was about 16 and my Gorillaz obsession was at its highest.  I was plugged in. I knew when everything they did was coming out.  If you know me personally you know that I will consider Gorillaz and Jamie Hewlett’s art a pinnacle of modern animation, a truly unique beast, and a huge inspiration to my own art.

The figures are perfect.  Based more on the first “phase” of the band, where the designs were much more simplistic with smooth lines and more defined shapes.  The figures capture both that and Jamie’s unique sense of anatomy: Long legs, ape-like faces and wacky hands.  Noodle’s guitar can be removed but there’s no reason to do it.  2D’s arms can come apart and be moved to his front. He also has a cigarette that you can take out of his hand.  Russel is massive. Just holding him feels satisfying.  Murdoc has the least amount of mobility, only his head swivels.  But you could argue he’s the most uniquely designed of all the band members. 

I can’t say enough good things about these figures, they’re so beautiful. So I’ll just shut up and you can just look at these pictures.

MBTI and why you're fuckin broke

ESTP: you buy so much taco bell you now own shares of the company and the manager lets you fuck his wife on the reg

ISTP: you keep breaking shit trying to take stuff apart. Why do you keep doing this?? You’re like a magpie. Stop breaking shit

ESFJ: you keep getting pickpocketed because you be on that phone

ISFJ: you keep trying to save up for Rainy Days© and Something Big© but you’re still buying food. And concert tickets. And probably really warm scarves and hats

INTP: you have never saved a penny in your life. you have transcended brokeness into hyperbrokeness. your net value is like $4.52 and a McChicken

ENTP: you compulsively buy things that serve zero purpose. The weirder the better. A Barbie doll with big veiny biceps? Yes buddy. Framed painting of Richard Nixon as a 1950s pinup? Hang it over the fireplace you weirdass motherf

INTJ: STOP buying books you DON’T NEED THEM and STOP buying VIDEOGAMES too, buy something you actually need for once. Like muscles

ENTJ: stop hiring all those hitmen and just do the job yourself you coward

ESTJ: You spent all your money on the divorce lawyer that helped you take my house and my car and now you won’t answer my calls, susan, fuck you

ISTJ: you’re not broke. You’re the only one that isn’t, because you’ve got sense. You don’t see the point in spending your hard-earned money on dumb things, like gifts, or charity, or Christmas. Also you will be visited by 3 ghosts at midnight

ESFP: you put up all your money for bail to get your ass out of jail for releasing a live alligator into a walmart

ISFP: how many cats and glitter gel pens and burrito bowls will it take to fill the hole in your heart????

INFJ: All you buy is stationary. You have so many office supplies, all crisp and brand new. You have 100 blank beautiful notebooks that you wanna fill but never have. One time I tried to take one though and you beat me with it

ENFJ: Who cares! You’re the most beautiful and smartest and cutest type. I love all ENFJs, what fine people you are. Just the best, really. Also you buy the most expensive gifts but that’s completely unrelated and has nothing to do with my love for you

INFP: You own more pillows and sweaters than anyone, and you buy the highest quality tea and collect fancy pens. You also like to buy some really neat vintage vinyls and designer perfume. You also have this cursed amulet that whispers to you at night, I guess that’s a little weird

ENFP: you love spending $$ on roadtrips, starbucks, tupperware, balloons, socks, posters, pens, concerts, movies, fast food, Apple products, stickers, popcorn, sno cones, etc. Also you probably accidentally killed someone once and your family paid their family off in court but that’s neither here nor there