I really really love the mail I’ve received this past summer! This is some of it.

@gnade saved a bunch of out of print zines for me and @wearepioneerspress sent prizes for second place in their photo content for promoting @quittercarryingcapacity, who also sent me stuff!

A friend in England sent me some old zines and there was even a photography zine by @digitaldenial in there!

Also some resin art toys from Extratruckestrial on Instagram.

Hi, everyone! I am so excited to launch my next plush.. the Shiba Inu! I have such a love for the Japanese breeds (I own a Kai Ken myself!) and wanted to bring a Shiba Inu plush into the hands of dog lovers! I really need your help to make this project happen so if you want to go ahead and give the Kickstarter a read, I would greatly appreciate it! You get the chance to own some cool Kickstarter exclusive awards for helping me out as well!

If you can share this around, or even pledge, I will be extremely grateful for support! :)…/1852466551/shiba-inu-plush


Hey, Listen! Good Smile Company is bringing to live Link’s unique look and appearance from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword! It will be out this November and is 1/7th scale. 

Who else from Skyward Sword would you like to see?


“Hi… Eh. Meh!” Such is the traditional greeting of the Crabapple family. 

I’m keeping this project super streamlined–the goal amount is for the plush, digital wallpaper downloads and an after-campaign postcard. If we get further than that, I’ve got all sorts of cute goodies lined up for ya! 

Join the crabby revolution!


name: cuddle love bug

series: momiji dolls (Momiji 2013)

notes: time to add a little variety to the usual dailyfigure fare with something new, namely my fiance’s new momiji doll. for those that don’t know these are small, hand-painted designer dolls that come out in very limited releases and are insanely popular among collectors. 

it’s easy to see why tho, the sculpt is wonderfully simple but with an almost elegant flare that sets it apart from a lot of the more common vinyl figures. the paint is nicely done and i love the color scheme she uses, it’s all delicately applied and works wonderfully. they’re not vinyl but rather just a nice, solid resin that feels soft but sturdy. they will break if they’re dropped from too high up, however. 

my fiance has ordered a few more and i’ll hopefully be able to photograph them as well when they come in. for now tho just enjoy this pastel beauty!