Holy crud @genevieve-ft​ and I made a kickstarter!

These beauties exist. In REAL LIFE! You can hold them in your hands and everything. They are 6″ tall cast figures, hand sculpted and painted! (My punk girl’s missing her tats and boob tape, she’s only going to get MORE AWESOME)

We could not be more excited, but we really really need your help if we’re going to make them! Please go check out the KickStarter page, check out our sweet animated KickStarter video and if you can, back for just $1. And then hit come here and hit reblog! A signal boost might just be the thing that helps bring these ladies to life!

Please check out and back the project at!


Hi, everyone! I am so excited to launch my next plush.. the Shiba Inu! I have such a love for the Japanese breeds (I own a Kai Ken myself!) and wanted to bring a Shiba Inu plush into the hands of dog lovers! I really need your help to make this project happen so if you want to go ahead and give the Kickstarter a read, I would greatly appreciate it! You get the chance to own some cool Kickstarter exclusive awards for helping me out as well!

If you can share this around, or even pledge, I will be extremely grateful for support! :)…/1852466551/shiba-inu-plush


“Hi… Eh. Meh!” Such is the traditional greeting of the Crabapple family. 

I’m keeping this project super streamlined–the goal amount is for the plush, digital wallpaper downloads and an after-campaign postcard. If we get further than that, I’ve got all sorts of cute goodies lined up for ya! 

Join the crabby revolution!


THIS IS NOT A TOY exhibition 
Design Exchange, Toronto 

This Is Not A Toy, curated by John Wee Tom and DX Associate Curator Sara Nickelson with Guest Curator Pharrell Williams, is the world’s first exhibition featuring a collection of contemporary sculptures, figurines and artworks created by artists including Takashi Murakami, KAWS, FriendsWithYou, Coarse, Huck Gee, and Frank Kozik. 

The exhibition explores the conceptual toy – a form made solely as an expression of an aesthetic, concept or idea – as an art and design object as well as a contemporary cultural signifier. On display until May 19, visitors dive headfirst into the realm of designer toys as the Exhibition Hall is transformed into a vibrant and whimsical environment, filled with forms ranging from tiny trinkets to enormous free-standing pieces. 


Junko Mizuno’s Stunning Kuro Megami For Kidrobot Black

Kidrobot Black, the vinyl company’s high-end designer collection, has releases few and far between. There hasn’t been one I’ve been interested in since Lilitu, but they’ve finally caught my eye again with this collaboration with Junko Mizuno! Her ‘Kuro Megami’ figure is absolutely gorgeous, with way more detail than you usually see on a vinyl piece and some very intricate sculpting.

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Ready, set.. GO! Corgi preorders are now LIVE! All three colors are available to preorder today. For now, there is only 150 each color available, in order to fund production.

Special thanks to everyone on the mailing list who placed their orders early yesterday. You made it possible to already fund 70% of production costs!

If corgis sell out sooner than expected, I will list more, in waves. Orders placed in this wave will be shipped first, then wave two, then wave three.etc So! If you want your order to be fulfilled quickly, I encourage you to order before the corgis sell out and I have to list another wave. Corgis will begin shipment in November!

Thank you all so much for being so patience as I got Round Two of corgi plushes together. I am so excited to get these plush out to you all!



Hey, Listen! Good Smile Company is bringing to live Link’s unique look and appearance from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword! It will be out this November and is 1/7th scale. 

Who else from Skyward Sword would you like to see?


New Scott Wilkowski Customs at SDCC

Scott Wilkowski is continuing his Skin Deep style with several more customs. They’ll be available at SDCC but you’ll have to cough up a few of your own bones for these limited toys. There will be six different sets, including David Horvath’s Flatwoods Monster and Frank Kozik’s Labbit. Each set is limited to 25 per color. The Flatwoods Monster is the lowest price of the bunch at $125. That’s a lot, but damn do I want that.


We have 11 days left on the Shiba Inu plush Kickstarter! I am so happy that we already unlocked the Black and Tan Shiba Inu plush! With your help, we can u lock the cream! Can we do it? If you pledge, you have the choice of any of the unlocked plush! :) Maybe we can reach Kai Ken too?

Pledge here!:

Thank you all SO much for the support until now! You are all incredible!


From murals to designer toys, Tristan Eaton emerged from the streets and into well known force in the art world. We featured his TrustoCorp project in Hi-Fructose Vol. 22, but he’s since put that venture aside to focus purely on his solo career. His striking, almost dream-like figurative style weaves together contrasting elements of pop, cartoons, and typography. One look at Eaton’s work and you can immediately see a collage of influences, and he has always sought to represent this visual language that he loves in a single piece. Eaton really dug deep for his next solo exhibition at Subliminal Projects on his home turf of Los Angeles.

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threeA: 3AA 2014 Membership (Lasstranaut)

Продажа членства 3АА 2014 идет полным ходом. Цена $200. В комплекте, помимо кучи всяких ништяков,  фигурка Lasstranaut в масштабе 1/6. Ну и стандартная скидка 15% на покупки в течение 2014 года. Скидка будет действовать уже при следующей новом релизе компании. Рассылка членского набора намечена на второй квартал этого года. По идеи продажа закончится завтра в 5 утра по московскому времени. Поспешите. Вслед за Lasstranaut, будет анонсировано ее транспортное средство Lasstralander (или как оно называлось раньше Lass Tra-Lander) Обсудить…