Picture the perfect couple in the perfect Jimmy Choo twosome: The Whipstitched Embossed Leather & Suede Sandals matched with the Croc Printed Slip-Ons. #ChooseChooatSaks #10022Shoe

Photo by Kat Irlin

You’ll Be the Freshest in Your Crew with This Luxurious Designer High-Top Sneaker

Look so clean in black-on-black
Gotta pay attention to them G’s that interlock
Put these on and you’ll want to strut the street, leave the Lambo
Keep ‘em clean, gotta give 'em a wipe tho
Fashionistas, styling pros, those in the know,
They see what you rockin’ and they love it fo sho
Ain’t no other high-top can ever do
What the fresh Gucci High-Top with Interlocking GGs do for you

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