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This is a not a ripoff-overwatch logo, this is the symbol of a right-wing party called “The Identitarian Movement”.

I have read some shit about these, and it is clear that they have pretty extremist intentions, as well as some quite xenophobic/racist posts when you look at their online pages, just look at this for example;

“Too beautiful for a Hijab/Niqab” 

(’Schleier’ is used in context with a bride’s veil or a muslim’s headscarf)

Just saying, but using a blonde, naked women for your racist propaganda is as low as you can get. But wait, doesn’t a blonde, likely blue eyed woman remind you of something?

Well, what a coincidence we got ourselves here; if you fill out the logo of the Nazi-Sturmabteilung (SA), one of the first two Nazi-departments, you get something looking surprisingly similar to the logo of the Identitarian Movement. Coincidence? I think not. Wouldn’t surprise me if it wasn’t.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. You know what’s the motto of the Identitarian movement?

Their motto is “Integration is a lie” and “Fortress Europe

Like, I am not trying to act like Nazis aren’t obvious as fuck in other parties as well, but I can’t believe that they think they are a fuckinkg legitimate party. They are straightup fucking Nazis that abuse pop culture to look like they honestly care about people. Like, let’s just look at this other shit;

“Ladies and Gentleman, multiculti is not a law of nature!” - Using Sheldon Cooper/Jim Parsons, a gay american, for their conservative, european-only purposes.

Or this fucking abomination. 

Yep, this is Gordon Freeman from Half Life as a Nazi-hero. He is fighting “Gender-Craze”, “Self-Denial”, “Political  Correctness” and “(National) Socialism”. Of course.  classy as always, because if you act like you fight Nazis you can’t be Nazi, am I right? And since ‘national’ is inside brackets they are also fighting regular Socialism!

Please, if you see anyone supporting the Identitarian Movement, unfollow them, stop contact or try to convert them into any ideology but Neo-Nazism.

PS;  Honestly I don’t want to be identified with these pieces of shit, I’m going to change my blog-design tomorrow, because I sure don’t want to be associated with these Neo-Nazis.

DAY 3336

Jalsa, Mumbai                   May 16/17,  2017               Tue/Wed 12:07 am

ये 3 रंग , सिर्फ रंग नहीं   …  ये एक पहचान है , जो हम सब को एक सूत्र में बांधती है . …

I work .. I work for the campaign that the Government propagates for the GST .. I work on 5 such campaigns in the day .. I work .. 

Work is the stabilizer of our minds and body .. it could be any .. menial, professional .. any .. but when it begins its cycle of work, no else, no distraction, no excuses, no nothing matters .. how could it possibly ..?

The focus of attention does reflect the interest the individual takes in his or her belief in the creatives of the particular design .. when there is belief, there is purity .. there is desire for commitment .. of fulfilling, of taking care and above all to have an impact as valuable as the process of thought that went into its design ..

Tomorrow morning at 6 am begins yet another chapter in the work force that I associate myself in - a new fresh film ‘102 Not Out’ .. they have called me at 6, and there is little time to rest this rather damaged peculiar and obtuse body ..

I mean to write so much .. but I will ..

Till then 

Amitabh Bachchan

Second chance for a normal life (Bucky x Reader)

Originally posted by ditchthevillian

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

A/N: This is a new series on which I worked for a few weeks. I already wrote five parts. Hope you’ll like it, feedback is always welcomed.

Summary: (AU)

Bucky is struggling with his life after he came back from the army. He is depressed and he also had a bad start with you.

Warning: cursing, blood

There was a noise outside your apartment. You needed to sleep because you were up from 4am. You were working for a big fashion company as a designer. Tomorrow you will have a day off and you wanted to go to bed earlier so that you can finish some sketches in the morning. Obviously that wasn’t the option at the moment. Slowly you moved your body from your bed to the kitchen. Opening the fridge you took an apple and knife from the drawer. You started cutting it when you heard yelling. You were getting tired of it. Every day for the past week, there was constant yelling from the apartment across the hall. Finally, you decided that you had enough of that noise. You walked to the apartment door and you banged with your fist against the wooden door. You were standing there only in your white tank top and black sweatpants. You heard footsteps coming closer to the door and the door opened.

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Maybe This Time -- Chapter One “Random”

Tom Hiddleston x Plus Size OFC

No real description yet, It is going to be sweet and fluffy for the most part… but you guys know me… that never lasts haha

Chapter One - Random

It was just a random Thursday night. Why do the best things seem to happen on the most random days and the most random times? If it were a scene in a scene in a movie it would have been a rainy night. A chance meeting in a smoky bar or cafe. A sudden spotlight on the perfect girl in slow motion.

It wasn’t a movie though, so it had far less fanfare. It was a clear and quiet night, it was a hole in the wall cabaret in a neighborhood about halfway to being gentrified, and it was just a woman with a voice.

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[Femslash February]: Aquarium

how about a short little AU just to shake things up a bit?

Day 12: Aquarium (Alyanette + AU)

Words: 1797

Link to Archive of Our Own: [AO3]

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She could see her through the aquarium in her office. 

Apparently, all the interns had to take the desk for a couple of hours everyday, never mind how impressive their portfolios were. Marinette could accept that. Today a designing internship. Tomorrow a scholarship to ESMOD. Day after that, her very own label. She could suck up taking desk calls, staring at spreadsheets, sending emails, and following the heels of her idols for the summer. 

Besides. The view wasn’t half bad.

She checked the directory outside two mornings ago and found out that the office across from theirs was an online magazine. If she peeked around all the Rosy Barbs and Angelfish meandering around the long aquarium tank stretching along the wall right across from Marinette’s desk, she occasionally saw people bustling by with manuscripts and cover proofs. But that wasn’t even the best part. 

By far the most interesting about the office was the beautiful girl who worked the front desk. 

They looked to be about the same age, so Marinette assumed she was also an intern. She spent her days staying at her desk – probably sending emails and working on projects – and only leaving to run off to meetings or go to lunch. Marinette honestly didn’t mean to stare, but sometimes there was nothing to do at her desk other than wait for the phone to ring. Her eyes would drift up and see that gorgeous girl, hair piled up charmingly on the top of her head, pushing her glasses up the bridge of her nose every few minutes, and yawning in front of her computer screen while she multitasked on her cellphone. 

Marinette really wanted to ask her out to lunch, but she could never catch her outside the office. She sometimes meandered around the elevator during her lunch hour in the hopes that the girl would come out at the same time so that she could strike up a conversation, but their schedules never melded. Marinette tried to do the same at the end of the work day, but one of them was always staying late and finishing projects. All she had was her view through the aquarium tank. 

One of the models who worked for the label, Adrien, was about the only person who stopped by her desk everyday to have lunch with her and ask her about her day. It didn’t take him long to pick up on Marinette’s little hobby. He stopped by her desk one morning and poked her in the cheek when he caught her staring through the tank again. “You know, you could just make an excuse to go over there and talk to her.”

Marinette snorted. “And say what? ‘Hi, I’m Marinette, I think you’re cute and I’ve been creepily staring at you for the past two weeks. Wanna get coffee?’”

“What’s wrong with that?”

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Concept for a series I thought up back in high school with an art club buddy. 

Jerry The Magical Boy is/will be a series about a young African American teen living in the city, who ends up becoming the leader of magical girls. The series would follow in the team’s adventures, most following anime and american cartoon tropes while also tackling social issues in modern day society. 

I’ll post the rest of his team designs tomorrow.