Marc gets interviewed by Interview Germany

Stella McCartney Meets ‘Designer for Tomorrow’ Finalists

Berlin’s fashion crowd was back at the city’s hot venue of the moment — St. Agnes Church — to welcome Stella McCartney in her first official appearance as the new patron of Peek & Cloppenburg’s “Designer for Tomorrow” competition Thursday night. McCartney had already put in some DFT hours, whittling down 350 applications from freshly graduated designers from all over Europe to her selection of the top 10. For More

[above: Stella McCartney (third from left) with “Designer for Tomorrow” finalists Katy Clark, Jamie Wei Huang, Hannah Kuklinski, Ioana Ciolacu Miron and Annalena Skörl Maul. Courtesy Photo]


Marc discusses the 2011 Designer for Tomorrow contest collections and gives a glimpse into the world of the fashion designer.

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The latest addiction about prints is… go ETHNIC //

Navajo-inspired prints, thick cotton layers alternated to wool and more summerish linen //

Go get your dosis at Boxing Kitten, Boys Billionaire Club or Vans //

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Hunting and Collecting store in Brussels is totally inspired to this trend, too, from furniture to clothes and accessories //

But if you wanna be a step ahead of anyone else, then immediately start stalking German designer Parsival Cserer (Dft Fashion Award 2010 edition’s winner) //

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