Hey, let’s torture each other by sharing links to long-running, story-driven webcomics that are worth reading, but update about once every billion years.

Here are a couple of mine:

Power Nap - An Inception-esque yarn about corporate conspiracies and dream-world superheroics in a world where designer drugs have abolished the need for sleep. Publishes 1-2 chapters per year on no schedule whatsoever.

Minor Acts of Heroism - Ostensibly it’s about the children of superheroes getting into the family business, but really, you’re going to read it mostly for the adorable ‘ship-teasing. It’s posted 200-odd pages over the last six years, which wouldn’t be a bad rate if those pages were spread evenly over that span; unfortunately, it’s prone to repeated months-long hiatuses, almost invariably right in the middle of a story arc.