Sp Penthouse in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Project by Studio MK27

The celebrated Brazilian Studio MK27, founded in the early 80′s by architect Marcio Kogan -renowned as one of the most worldwide influential persons on the scene of design and architecture- designed the architectural interiors of this stunning penthouse in Sao Paulo. The goal was to create fluid open spaces with a cozy and solemn atmosphere, where the fixed custom contemporary furniture should be in perfect harmony with the design classics from the Brazialian, Scandinavian and Italian signs, such as Hans Wegner, Franco Albini and Gio Ponti.


Promptober 10.01.17 with a dash of Noctober 10.01.17 

Starting off with a classic Incubus design I’ve had for months and finally did one for Noctis, prompts without suggestions will default to this or mix together! Prompto and Noctis are a matching set and I created them solely for @destatree and I to use this month! 

So, please don’t edit, repost or use for yourself! 


Look at all these Morticias I’ve made! Now to do something with them. Go check out @pocket-morticias and check out the Morticia Deck for all their quirks and such and also that’s where things will maybe be hopefully happening some time in the future eventually!

If you can’t check out the Morticia Deck on mobile, I got you covered! Go on over here and grace them with your eyeholes @morticia-deck-mobile (there will be no more posts to this blog.)

Morticia - Designed by Justin Roiland, Dan Harmon, and Pocket Mortys team

Mortabel -  Designed by Justin Roiland, Dan Harmon, and the Rick & Morty team || Named by Alex Hirsch

Morfisha - Designed by @personeh & @mawok

Punk Morticia, Vaporwave Morticia, IT Morticia - Designed by @mawok

Magic Morticia, Snow Maiden Morticia - Designed by @rihuthedeerbox

Ameriticia, The Flesh Curtains Morticia - Designed by @starriichan

Invisible Morticia, Squidishia - Designed by @lisasbasket

Classical Morticia - Designed by @ladyazazel23

Cosplay Morticia, Cold Morticia, Hot Morticia - Designed by @gintoki23

Every Other Morticia designed by @personeh 

Nyanticia, Morfisha, Waifu Morticia - Named by @beta-19

Bunticia - Named by @passive-aggressive-technophiliac

Ameriticia - Named by @personeh​

Immorticia, Nosferaticia - Named by @mawok

Thank you nerds<33