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Olloclip Studio for IPhone 6 Plus And IPhone 6s Plus

We came across an Olloclip lens a couple of years ago and we were amazed at the difference that a single detachable lens could produce via the iPhone’s camera. So, when this came out, we were obviously excited to share it with you. Presenting the Olloclip Studio for iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6S Plus.

Sophie Kaye, New York, 80mm

The vintage photography experts at Lomography are back on Kickstarter with a new art lens set. Based on a design from the 1830s, the convertible Neptune system opens up a new world of visual possibilities for modern photographers — letting you create exceptionally sharp images with strong, saturated colors, or soften them with delicate bokeh effects. 

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Marine Toux, Paris, 50mm

Lorenzo Scudiero, Rovereto, 35mm


Michael Crawford’s Phantom + “blinde” eye

(he wore several contact lenses to achieve this look - on the “blinde” side a white and a blue one, and on the “good” side a dark brown one. The level of whiteness and pupil varies in the photos, so it looks like he experimented with it)

You can read more here:’s+contact+lens

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Coldwave/coldflashwave makeup artist/model/designer au?

1 - When Len was originally approached about possible modeling opportunities by some guy on the street, he 100% thought it was a scam, sex trafficking or pornography trying to take advantage of him. He took a gun with him to the meeting with the intent of robbing the place blind. He was somewhat flabbergasted to realize that “Vogue” isn’t just a Madonna song, and also that they were actually serious about the whole “modeling” thing.

2 - Mick comes along to watch at first, but he makes friends with the make-up artists. He likes painting (mostly forgery) and tinkering with stuff, and having so many small fiddly bits is intriguing. He taught himself make-up to teach Lisa, but this is clearly a much more advanced level. The other artists give him tips and he ends up getting good at it. Very good.

3 - Len uses his modeling money to get Mick formal lessons, because it makes Mick smile and anything non-fire-related that does that is to be rewarded. Then he insists on Mick being his make-up artist in his contract.

4 - they both expect this to be a fairly short detour from their criminal lives, because models of both sexes have a fairly short shelf life, but then Len grew up and his hair started to go silver - no one noticed until Len went on a three-month vacation without dying it once, then returned home - and his agent went “welp, I’m selling you as a silver fox now” and somehow Len kept on being incredibly popular.

5 - Barry’s the designer. He’s new and he’s nervous; he’s gotten lots of good reviews, but he’s never worked one of the really big fashion shows. Then his dad says, rather offhandedly, that he totally knew Leonard Snart back in the day and he thinks the man is modeling or something now, so if Barry wants a connection. DOES BARRY EVER.

6 - Len and Mick like Barry’s portfolio and they’re always happy to support Central City talent, so it turns into a pretty good partnership. Barry’s agent is thrilled. Len’s agent is thrilled. Mick technically shares Len’s agent as part of their marriage agreement.