Glamping Wales in Pop-Up Cabins

The Epic Retreats project is a partnership between Best of Wales, Cambria Tours and George + Tomos Architects and is part funded by the Welsh Government’s Tourism Product Innovation Fund. Epic Retreats is a completely unique hotel offer that will celebrate Wales’s Year of Legends 2017 by allowing people to experience the best landscapes and experiences Wales has to offer while staying in one of eight bespoke cabins, designed specifically for the project.

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architemporary  asked:

I'm starting architecture school in the fall and I'm curious about what to expect for my first year? What would I be learning/doing? Is there any advice you could share? Thanks!!

Not sure about your school specifically but most schools treat first year as a foundation year meant to not only provide the basics but as a “trial by fire” where half the class is expected to leave before the year is done. The first year will start the process of understanding what makes a building (support systems, structures, etc.), of learning about the history of art and architecture, and studio where a series of design exercises meant to kickstart your creativity in architecture will culminate with your first architecture design by the end of the year, typically a small project like a house. 

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