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a not-entirely-earthling stinky boy

My sister and I grew up without extended family nearby, but we had these two bachelor cats who kind of took on that role for us.  We like to say that they were our gay uncles.  I finally drew them as the humans they were to us … 


ok so like recently @raythrill blessed us with his wonderful bird ocs and i was like ‘’hold on i have those too’’ so like here are james and gyan lmao and the lovely peacock oc i just had to draw bc omg (ray pls tell him i love him very much)

gyan and james were normal birds (an owl and a raven) but they got turned into humans and joined a gang, james is a great thief that rly likes a human culture (he named himself james bc the first movie he saw was james bond) and gyan is the opposite, they’re a hitman and they just like money and silence and has no idea how society works whoops


What’s this?  A sister and her brother?

What’s this? A woman by herself?

What’s this?  The remains of the cock tower, bobbited, stuffed and mounted just beneath a rose, which has been nailed to a wall and is oozing architectural elements?

It can only mean one thing:

I’m a fountain of blood, in the shape of a girl

Yes, we’re doing this!

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