designer villains collection


So happy to show you guys my Vanessa Ooak doll. I have been working on this doll for so long and I’m so happy she is complete and I LOVE how she turned out.
She was originally a Belle doll and @arianbutlerart did an AMAZING repaint job!
I did a sketch of what I wanted the outfit to look like and the incredible @stardustdolls made it even better than what I asked for lol. I then added rhinestones and to the bodice and skirt.
I gave her a full re-root with darker brown hair and styled her hair, which was so hard lol
Hope you guys like her 💜


Disney’s Fairytale Designer Collection 

My complete designer pin collection! They are so beautiful and some of the nicest Disney pins out there! It took a lot of hard work to collect them all, but it was so worth it!


Upcoming Doll releases.
I made this to help myself remember all the dates, hopefully it can also help some of you. I’m using the “In-store” date. If you are buying Online then It’s the next day.

I didn’t add the Aladdin & Jasmine platinum set cuz no date has been confirmed. Maybe November 10 since the anniversary of Aladdin is on the 11th? We will see.