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Quick update - screenprinted some tees with my wolf eating the moon design! $20 each, some $15 misprints available. They’re pretty rough around the edges but I’m super proud of them. Since this is the first run, the supply is super limited so act fast if you want to snag one!

Grab one for yourself here:


Bees! from bee and puppycat

the one on the left is from bee’s sweater and the one on the right is from the cook book (that i actually have its so adorable and i enjoy cooking from it <3) i actually had to draw these instead of editing them out cause i caaaaan

you can now get it on redbubble!

I love Little Shop of Horrors so much!! It’s such a good musical and film. I’ve drawn a bunch of LSOH crossover things, but I’ve never drawn Audrey II until now :>

Also you can totes get this on a shirt on my Redbubble if you want!

Teostra - Toa Tesukatora design

{{ Lords of Fire and Ice - finally done! I’m so glad my lion babies look this good UwU I’ve experimented with different styles than usual, it was a lot of fun! (And pain hah)

I’ve also put the design available on my Redbubble if you want a goodie with it on o3o

Here! >>> 

If you happen to find something you like and purchase it, I’ll be extremely grateful ;w; otherwise, reblogs are much appreciated! :D }}


“Cat-Scan” Unisex T-Shirts now available!

There are only 24 of these limited edition bad boys left, in sizes Small to XL, so check out my Etsy and grab one before they’re gone!

(Also available as a really cool print 👀)

✨International Postage Available✨