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Christian Louboutin - Piloutin Maharadja bag

“Tied to Place: Christian Louboutin was sitting in traffic in Mumbai’s tony Malabar Hill neighborhood when a burst of jewel tones inside a tiny storefront caught his eye. ‘The sun was hitting it just so, and you could see how beautiful and colorful the ribbons were, ‘ says Louboutin of his chance sighting of Vivah Borders, an embroidery shop on Nepean Sea Road. He returned the next day and walked out with 40 plastic bags overflowing with trimmings, ‘ I had to buy extra suitcases to carry it all home,’ he adds, The result? The Piloutin Maharadja handbag - inspired and dictated by a finite supply of ribbon. Although each bag is unique, all have hints of shimmering gold, bold cobalt, and of course Louboutin’s signature crimson.“~ Jayna Maleri

photograph by Stephen Lewis