designer swim suits

My intention was to draw a gender bend Percy ready to dive in to swimming pool, in a sailorish suit, but I ended up doing some clothes design of suits and pijamas (the last one is supposed to be a summer pijamas branded CAMP HALFBOOD lel).

For this pic I studied and tryied to imitate the syle of an italian artist I adore, Pennacchioli. His art is mesmerizing.

The 3rd. Anniversary of Final Fantasy XIV

Costume Design : Potion Lilac

The original swim suit ”Cascadier Uniform” is coming from his/her drawing
Everyone could see his/her cool images at here.

Every type of fittings are so cool! & so cute! aren’t they?

I will try to attach another ”Cascadier Uniform” in to my screenshot in the near future. ;P

A/N okay but no one has requested vanderwood and idk my dudes I kinda love them so.. (I have an affliction for [semi] side characters hence being in saeran hell) , also long as hell so sorry -mod cozy <3

- Summer is his absolute FaVorite season
- So you can bet your ass he’ll be at the pool/ beach everyday
- Mc you gotta come this time!
- Goes to a water park with you!!
- Didn’t realize this trip would entail you in a bathing suit at first
- So when you walk out in one he like shuts down
- Tomato bb awwe
- He gets over it but still (highkey) lowkey blushes whenever he finds himself staring
- When a string gets caught on a door handle and your top comes off???
- Mortified yoosung
- Trying to hide you and help you but can’t do anything bc
- He’s
- A
- Mess™
- Doesn’t like big water slides oh no
- Still goes on them to impress you
- Terrified
- All tuckered out and falls asleep on the ride home
- What a cutie

- you were the one to bring it up!!
- The air conditioning in your building broke
- and zen kept complaining
- And cracking stupid hoe ass jokes
- “Is it hot in here or is it just me?”
- “It’s fucking four thousand degrees zen shut the fuck up”
- So you decided enough was enough
- Changed into your bathing suit and threw his at his face
- Bc you were a tad angry ngl
- Both of you went to a nearby public pool! It was super scarcely populated yay!
- When you took off your cover up this boy was a tomato
- It was like a shoujo level scene
- There were probably rose petals
- Your top came loose oh no mc!!!
- (Did it just get hotter)
- Red and blushy but tried to act cool and help
- Tried

- we all know baehee deserves a break honestly
- So you thought “what better way to take a break than to go to the pool??”
- She was hesitant but agreed!!! Yay!!
- You went to some form of country club pool(!) since she literally has connections everywhere
- Most badass couple on a pool date of the year award
- Seriously you two looked so put together
- None of those mismatched tops and bottoms nope
- Your towels matched your bathing suits
- Slaying the game
- And when your top came off?
- That girl was all business, tied it back in place before anyone knew what happened
- Lowkey flustered though

- You can BET this ain’t no regular pool date
- This boy fucking rented out a beach
- Y'all are probably going to a foreign country tbh
- Diamond encrusted everything haha
- Designer swim suit for both of you
- Jumin please calm down I don’t need all of this
- Kisses all over when he sees you in a bathing suit
- The top probably didn’t come off accidentally
- Wink wonk

- The actual best day ever
- Gorge on gross oily food??
- Yes please
- Biggest water slides in the park??
- This boy’s all for it
- You know that one that drops you straight down???
- Yep that one
- Y'all are going on that one at least 10 times
- Just loves being a kid and doing kid stuff because of his childhood awwe
- When your top falls off you can bet your ass defender of justice 707 is gonna rescue you
- Throws you over his shoulder and runs to somewhere private
- Where he can either help you tie it back
- Or help you get rid of those bottoms

Saeran wrap:
- Nooo mc badboys don’t go swimming
- Get your spiky leathery ass up the building’s pool just opened
- Wears black swim trunks bc he’s extra
- Pouting the whole time awwe
- You gotta push him into the pool to get him to do anything
- Sparks a water battle for the ages
- You’re both actual prunes by the time you’ve calmed down
- When your top comes off and this poor red bby has to tie it back on you decide it’s time to head out
- You spend the rest of the day making fruity, summery, drinks what a bunch of cuties

- a lot like saeran like you actually have to drag their ass to the pool
- How you even get them to change into a bathing suit is beyond me
- You have to go to some fancy country club pool because
- “Those public pools are FILTHY mc”
- Little grumpy baby
- They stand, surveying the area with their arms crossed
- Bc they refuse to enjoy this dammit
- At some point they get tired of standing and put their feet in the water
- You buy some food and smoothies from the fancy country club bar and sit next to them
- Cute little picnic date! How lovely!!
- Vandy is content awwe
-similar to jaehee when the top comes off, tied it back within seconds
-also a lot flustered though


After seeing arlymone’s post (nsfw) on her chararcter Sistine struggling with bathing suits. I had to try to  design cute swim suits for 6-nips cat mom. So I sketched these out really quick.

I felt so bad for her I just had to try! ;w; (though Arly is the queen on designs so Im sure she could come up with something better)

Let cat moms wear cute swimsuits and still have nips covered!