designer snacks


Inktober/Char design day 10.

Just HAD to go back to this little goober. I guesssss that the pig counts as my design today?  

 Snacks is a tiny little cleric for a horrible god of rot, decay, and disease, and their worship has warped their body with arcane illness and overgrowth. Forced to always cover up due to their vile appearance, they are nonetheless very cheerful in spreading the word of their diety, seeing rot as a perfectly natural and lovely part of the life cycle.

Juice the boar is one of the few creatures that can tolerate Snacks’ terrible smell and even more terrible habits (that carrion bucket also doubles as emergency lunch), which is surprising since he barely tolerates anything else. He likes scratchies on his ears and biting off people’s fingers.

When I think about “snacks,” what first come in my mind is the snacks sealed in a plastic package and you can easily find them in a supermarket. What I didn’t know was that many Japanese snacks were used to be freshly made as street food.

Inspired by Japanese snacks and street food, I wanted to introduce these wonderful Japanese street food culture to the Western world, and to do so, I once again chose graphic design to tell the story of Japanese snacks.

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