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RFA+V+Saeran find out MC has an addiction. But it's something very strange and bizarre, almost as if MC belongs on My Strange Addiction. How do they react?

Haha, this was crack more than anything…hope you laugh!


  • He caught you with a thing of make up
  • “Huh? Oh, babe, I didn’t know we were going out tonight.”
  • You turn around and give him a confused look, “We are?” 
  • He watches in horror as you carry out your original intention and eat the eyeshadow
  • So that’s why you were buying so much makeup….
  • He thought you were a make up guru, but turns out you’re addicted to eating eyeshadow
  • He doesn’t even know where to go, but he does research cuz…honey, you need help


  • He thought you were sick
  • You were carrying around a toilet roll all day and the supply went down
  • “Aww, honey, do you need extra tissues? I think we have a box of softer ones in the closet–”
  • His words die on his lips as you scrunch up some toilet paper and shove it in your mouth
  • He’s so worried since that can’t be healthy
  • He confiscates all the toilet rolls in the house
  • When you have to go to the bathroom, he’ll only give you a designated amount
  • No snacking in there, MC!”


  • When you asked her for some extra baby powder, she thought you just needed to use it for dry shampoo
  • She didn’t expect you to inhale it on the spot
  • She drives you to the doctor right away
  • She’s really worried…how long have you been doing this?
  • Afterwards, she looks up some psychiatrists in the area because she’s pretty sure it’s not normal


  • He found out when he knocked over a wine glass by accident
  • He goes to clean up the mess, but you stop him
  • He watches as you continue to crush down the broken glass in tiny pieces and then eat it
  • Aww heck no
  • He has a doctor come over
  • Firstly, to check if your throat is okay
  • Secondly, because…he ain’t tolerating that crap he nearly had a heart attack


  • You keep sniffing a bottle of windex whenever you’re in the kitchen
  • He’s pretty sure you’re just messing with him
  • “MC…you can’t prank me. I know it’s just blueberry gatorade or something.”
  • “No, I just like the smell of windex,” you reply solemnly
  • He still doesn’t believe you so he grabs the bottle and takes a big whiff
  • He just looks you in the eye before emptying the entire house of chemical cleaners
  • Becomes one of those organic moms with all natural cleaners 
  • Obsessed in case you have another one of your urges…


  • You two are walking one day and you get to this gravel
  • You reach down and scoop up a handful
  • And start eating them
  • Saeran is in denial as he watches
  • When you’re done, he just nopes away from you
  • He can’t stomach this crap


  • He came over to your house once
  • Only once
  • Because you had an addiction to collecting the most creepy dolls
  • But he won’t say anything
  • But he doesn’t like coming over
  • “Do you…want to come over my house instead?”

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May 2nd  ●  2:45 pm // Today I got through three chapters of math before I completed this language assignment. English grammar is hard!! So hard!! No thank you! I’d rather not, thanks! 

Now I’m dreaming of chocolate and summer vacation… ☼

When I think about “snacks,” what first come in my mind is the snacks sealed in a plastic package and you can easily find them in a supermarket. What I didn’t know was that many Japanese snacks were used to be freshly made as street food.

Inspired by Japanese snacks and street food, I wanted to introduce these wonderful Japanese street food culture to the Western world, and to do so, I once again chose graphic design to tell the story of Japanese snacks.

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