designer shears



Shiromori’s shear weapon was hands down my favorite prop to design. :3

There’s not too much to say about the process of this one other then looking up a TON of scissor, shear and other sharp object references to get a better idea of how the blades and handles would work when open/closed or how things would rotate on a pivot point. Colors went through a few page variations and I certainly had fun trying some rather wacky color schemes using Shiro’s palette, but we were very happy with the final result. ^^

Above is the turnaround I did after the design was approved with vectors provided by the lovely @chloepoisonhearts​ 

Stair backgrounds provided by my buddy @elosandesketch

Definition of a Beam

A beam is a structural member, machine component, or other device which, by reason of the forces acting upon it, is subjected to a bending action.

There are many examples of beams in engineering practice. Some examples are: spanners, shafts, ships masts, aircraft wings and so on.

In its simplest form a Beam consists of a stiff rod, usually supported at two or more points and subjected to one or more loads at right angles to its length. Such loads are called transverse loads.


Pierre dragged the cigarette away from his lips idly as he walked away from the Chanel store his sister had dragged him too, she had some charity gala and like before every meaningless event it was time to try on thousands of shear designs, Pierre has no idea what use it is to look good for a charity event of all things. He supposes he should feel guilty for abandoning her like that but felt the need to explore the city he hasn’t had a chance to yet. His thoughts are interrupted as a brash shoulder startles him, he’s about to let out a quiet “fuck off” under his breath before his eyes land on the person before him “well this is a pleasant surprise" 

silverducky  asked:

My cat eats fast and it causes him to throw up. I regulated his food into portions and intervals to help and for a while it did. But now he's doing it again even with that. I don't know what else to do. He's no allergic to the food, he just inhales it. Doesn't take time to chew and vomits as a result

This is actually pretty normal. It’s exacerbated by the fact that a cat’s dentition isn’t set up for ingestion of kibble - their teeth are designed to shear tissue from chunks of meat, not grind and crunch plant matter.

You can put stuff in the bottom of his bowl to force him to work around it (large marbles or rocks help), or you can dampen the kibble so it’s harder to inhale.