designer shears



Shiromori’s shear weapon was hands down my favorite prop to design. :3

There’s not too much to say about the process of this one other then looking up a TON of scissor, shear and other sharp object references to get a better idea of how the blades and handles would work when open/closed or how things would rotate on a pivot point. Colors went through a few page variations and I certainly had fun trying some rather wacky color schemes using Shiro’s palette, but we were very happy with the final result. ^^

Above is the turnaround I did after the design was approved with vectors provided by the lovely @chloepoisonhearts​ 

Stair backgrounds provided by my buddy @elosandesketch

Definition of a Beam

A beam is a structural member, machine component, or other device which, by reason of the forces acting upon it, is subjected to a bending action.

There are many examples of beams in engineering practice. Some examples are: spanners, shafts, ships masts, aircraft wings and so on.

In its simplest form a Beam consists of a stiff rod, usually supported at two or more points and subjected to one or more loads at right angles to its length. Such loads are called transverse loads.