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With the premier of Tangled the Series closing in fast on March 10th all the power of the Disney Marketing Machine is set to help get the word out!  I thought it would be fun to share the final poster I designed as well as some of my early concepts that got us there.  Mad love to Alan Bodner, Chris Tsirgiotis, Laura Price, and Holly Almaguer for their skills with the color, clean up and background design!

To commemorate the recent start of Tangled: The Series, I went back and redrew Rapunzel’s chalk mural from the movie that she draws during the kingdom dance montage..

The original version I made of this is by far my most popular (and stolen) piece of art online, but sadly it was lost to me due to the infamous hard drive failure of 2013.

Original artwork by @claireonacloud

I did this as a exercise to see how I would have designed Rapunzel for the new tv series, it’s just my take on it.
I really adore the style the tv show has taken, I just wanted to play around.

Today is premiere day and the last of the Tangled drawings I did that I will post for a good long time. More calisthenics… we really worked hard to give Mercury as much information as possible.
While this was a very enjoyable experience for me ultimately I turned down working on the show to continue on with my good friend, Sam Levine, and his show Penn Zero. I look forward to posting some of what we have done on season 2 for that show when the time comes!