designer pads

ok, I was starting an illustration on the entire Weasley family.
 I SWEAR! I was doing it.

 Then I don’t know what happened, I was distracted for 5 minutes, and this Sirius came out. 

Sorry, it was a time of weakness.

I swear I’ll do all the arts I promised.  

11.3.16 Back studying now my new sketchbook finally arrived! Looking at old projects just seeing how much I have developed in skill right now. Also, I bought this vintage filofax and I think I’m going to use it next year! Currently reading Glass Sword, and listening to some Black Sabbath which is surprisingly good to work to! xxx emily

Mary Beatrice Kenner

She changed the world of feminine care with the invention of the sanitary belt, the precursor to the self-adhesive maxi pad. She also has five patents covering various household items, including an improved version of the bathroom tissue holder. What else did she invent?

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Sorry not sorry 🙈🙈🙈
@ichmachpfannkuchenausdir left such sweet tags as usual ♥ consider this a thank you, I guess?? But also you brought up this thing about Mic’s butt :

 #okay so #first thing i noticed: he looks gorgeous #stunning #BREATHTAKING #second: his butt #it’s…. really defined but flat #it confused me at first #but then i started appreciating it #see his butt’s absolutely flat #but he wants to compete with aizawa so he wears the tightest pants to ever exist #which is why it’s so weirdly defined #third thing: elbow pad #i want to know the truth #does he have elbow pads on both elbows or only on the left one?????? #will we ever find out????? #fourth: his hand looks so good holy shit #all in all: very good art entertained me well 18/10

I actually tried to give him a butt but you definitely get a better butt if you use references, as seen on Aizawa’s butt. 👌👌


I’ve had my iPad Pro for a while now but couldn’t really get into painting on it. Using Photoshop was just so much more efficient. I just discovered Tayasui Sketches, and their tools bring something new to the table that actually makes working on the iPad exciting for me. It can still feel clumsy, what with the iPad constantly registering my palm as a touch, but it’s still fun. 

These were inspired by Chinese art deco rugs among other things. I’m going to do more of these and create a 12-month planner or a calendar. Wouldn’t that be fun?!