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Installation view at INTERIEUR 2016 by Vincent Van Duysen, Designer of the Year. The ‘Designer of the Year’ award is an initiative by the Biennale Interieur npo and the magazines Knack Weekend and Le Vif Weekend. The award is also supported by the Design Museum Gent, Centre d'innovation et de design au Grand-Hornu and Bozar. Photo © Frederik Vercruysse.

Lil’ Kim presents Alexander McQueen the award for Avant-garde Designer of the Year at the Vogue Fashion Awards, 1999.

He accepted his award with just one sentence:  “Oh Kim, she’s my idol!” and commenced to bow to her.

- Shoutout to all the designers and technicians whose awards were given during commercial breaks and whose speeches were cut to a 5 second sound bite

- Shoutout to all the stage managers and technicians who made the Tony Awards run smoothly and perfectly

- Shoutout to the sound designers who would have been nominated but were robbed of recognition by the still bullshit removal of their award

- Shoutout to every young designer or technician who watches the Tonys year after year while the awards they may one day be nominated for are distributed offscreen because “~There’s no way to fit everyone otherwise~”

- You are a crucial part of theater and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Be loud. Demand recognition. Do not settle for less.


Light Years Ahead

Victo Ngai

Latest for CIO magazine and the 2015 Industry innovation Awards Ceremony. The story and the event are to celebrate winners who are light years ahead in what they are doing in the industry. 

When I first got the prompt: “Light Years Ahead”, I entertained the idea of sending in a completely black page because, well…if someone is light years ahead, then it will take many years for their light to travel through space and reach us. Then I decided that’s a bad idea as a) it wouldn’t be festive at all for the celebration and b) it’s a bit nerdy. So here is what I came up with in the end.

Big Thanks to AD SooJin!


Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett were created Gorillaz in 1998.

Damon Albarn – vocals, keyboards, guitars, bass guitar, drums, percussions, melodica (1998–present)

Jamie Hewlett – illustration, visuals, FX (1998–present)

In January 2006, Hewlett’s artwork for Gorillaz was shortlisted for the Design Museum’s ‘Designer of the Year’ award. In May 2006, Jamie Hewlett was named the Designer of the Year 2006. On 25 May 2006, both Hewlett and Albarn won the joint award for “Songwriters of the Year” at the Ivor Novello Awards.

In 2007, Hewlett and Albarn premiered their first major work since Gorillaz. Entitled Monkey: Journey to the West, a re-working of the ancient Chinese legend Journey to the West. Albarn wrote the score whilst Hewlett designed the set, animations and costumes. 


If you talk to anyone that watches Wander Over Yonder, chances are they’ll bring up how incredible the animation and character designs are. And at this year’s Annie Award show, it won for both! 

Outstanding Achievement, Character Animation in an Animated Television/Broadcast Production – Justin Nichols

Outstanding Achievement, Character Design in an Animated TV/Broadcast Production - Benjamin Balistreri 



@pamhoggfashion’s Mini Army of @brits Statues

To explore Pam’s art and catch a glimpse of her life behind the scenes, follow @pamhoggfashion on Instagram.

Each winner at this year’s BRIT Awards (@brits) will walk away with their own unique trophy. “I had one initial idea that opened up a world of connecting ideas,” says Pam Hogg (@pamhoggfashion), the designer and musician asked to design the award this year. “I ended up with a mini army of statues.” Each of the trophies is hand-painted: some are brightly color-blocked, others are black and white or completely covered in glitter. Making things, especially music and clothes, has always come naturally to Pam. “It’s like breathing,” she explains.


Photo set II:  Alex at the 2016 CFDA Fashion Awards (June 6, 2016, New York).

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