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ORIGIN Tree House

Atelier LAVIT have designed the ORIGIN Tree House for their clients in France who wanted to have a unique cabin.

ORIGIN is an exceptional cabin, a unique and tailor-made project. The architectural challenge for Atelier LAVIT was to create a functional and comfortable hotel room, being faithful to the first inspiration of the project: a bird-nest. The design of the cabin, coupled with the construction techniques, led to a rationalization of the assembly logic of the branches collected by the birds to create their impregnable shelters.


The Rocking Nest Chair by Anker Bak for Carl Hansen & Søn

The idea for this Rocking Nest called chair was the need of Anker Baks sister for a comfortable yet space saving chair to sit in with her new born child. This foldable rocking chair is crafted from wood, steel canvas and optional leather. The producing company of this modern piece of Scandinavian furniture is Carl Hansen & Søn.


#161.5 - Sentret are very cautious Pokemon, and will often stand on their tail so they can see a long way and avoid being ambushed by predators. If a Sentret spots danger coming, they let out a cry to warn the rest of its kind. As these nervous Pokemon age, they begin to burrow beneath the ground to make a complex system of tunnels; this nest is designed so other Pokemon cannot enter it. When outside the safety of their burrows, they will still stand on their tails until they’ve fully evolved and become fast enough to out pace their enemies.

Names: Sentret - Scoutret - Furret

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