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fallen silk // TAEHYUNG [PT2]

summary - Enrolling at one of the most renowned fashion schools was what you have been working towards ever since you first had a needle and thread in hand. You made sure that nothing would come between you and your goal, but you didn’t expect an effortlessly handsome boy to completely overrule your priorities.
word count - 2.7k

genre - fashiondesigner!au, fluff, angst + smut in later parts
pairing - Taehyung x OC/Reader
warnings - none

A/N - just a little note that i changed the gif for this fic~

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PART 1 // PART 2

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Voltron Art School Headcanons

Hunk is The Clay and Ceramics Guy, he sometimes even engineers them to have moving parts and freak out the freshmen when random parts of pots start to jiggle

Keith is the angst king who spends fifteen hours staring at a fifteen ft blank canvas before covering himself in black and red paint and just throwing himself at it like a human dart board (”it’s art”)

Pidge is the digital art major who hasn’t slept since last tuesday and lives off coffee, doodling and the ever present fear of loosing their tablet pen (which they do)

Lance just started in art school to meet ‘art babes’ but stayed for the in-depth pencil and charcoal still life’s, as well as moody boys who won’t give give him the time of day and he swears he will beat at the local art fair anyway

Shiro is the make up and fashion design artist who is a little too into The Little Black dress design, but does on-point eyeliner. Allura is his favorite model.

Allura is the political science major who wandered into a few art classes and got stuck with a group of artists as friends, she grounds them all to reality as well as rocks a mean fashion weak

Coran is the kooky art professor who makes metaphors no one understands and gets paint in his mustache (no one has the heart to tell him)

The youngest of her litter, Persephone never got along with her sisters. Not to say her sisters were ever mean or unfair to her, however – quite on the contrary, they cherished and doted on their adorable little sister almost as much as their loving parents did! Persephone did not come from a background of tragedy or hardship. She was not the victim of some traumatic event or destiny-altering experience. She came from a caring and middle-class family and home, located cozily on the second floor of a bakery where her parents happily worked to provide for their children everything they ever needed.

Fast forward to age eighteen. While her sisters were already off adventuring, each passing their academy exams in archery, swordsmanship and magecraft with flying colors years before her, Persephone was… dropping out. School was stupid. Persephone didn’t want to be a hero. She didn’t want to defeat the bad guys and save the innocents. What Persephone wanted, what she really, really wanted, was to be the bad guy.

Persephone never had posters of the Charming Knight or the Wise Wizardess on her bedroom walls like her sisters did – no, Persephone had posters of Andromeda the Wicked and Korlash the Blackblade taped above her bunk. Those guys were the coolest. They were fucking (language, little lady!) rad. They were strong, beautiful, metal, and they never had to rely on anyone but themselves. They weren’t bound by silly, relative concepts like ‘honor’ or ‘justice’. They could do whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted. Could Persephone imagine Andromeda working the cash register and selling cupcakes after school? Or Korlash having to finish his homework before dinner if he wanted dessert? Heck no!

Although her parents were sad to see her go (and made her promise to frequently write home, and could come back any time she wanted), they knew that their little girl needed to set out on her own, just like her sisters, and discover who she truly was. So her father went upstairs and broke open the piggy bank while Persephone and her mother sat downstairs in the kitchen with the sewing needles, helping her design her very first villain’s outfit – a little black dress (for movement!), a large black cape (for demoralizing her foes) and a large black hat (she’d grow into it, she insisted).

But it did not take long for Persephone to discover her first major setback on the road to supreme villainy: apparently, she was a healer. As much as she tried to cast fireballs, shoot lightning or conjure any other sort of destructive force, none of her spells would work… none besides the small arsenal of restorative healing spells she used to nurse herself whenever she hurt herself trying. After several failed attempts to defeat even the lowest level of wild snails and rodents outside Starter Town, Persephone begrudgingly understood the score.

Yep. She was a healer. Dammit.

That’s fine. It’s fine. She could still learn fireballs later… right?

Introducing my newest BnF OC, Persephone the noob healer villainess! This misunderstood little black cat has a mountain of obstacles on her road to infamy, but it’s not nearly enough to stop her from trying. :P

Art by @duredure~

giddystars  asked:

Hi Odamaki! Could you do 002? Sherlock. Thanks! :)

How I feel about this character: 

I don’t know, this is actually a tough question. I feel like I’ve been dossing with this character for so long now, it’s like I’ve been married for 60 years, and the slightest new thing about him I’m like ‘Oh god, this asshole? Again? Well, fiiiine, if we must. *reluctantly opens a new jar of <3*’

*laughs* That makes me sound really bitter. I guess what I mean is, It’s complicated. I do find Sherlock interesting in that, of all of them, he has so many permutations. He is a bit of a designer little black dress- quirky enough to be recognisable but there’s really one for all occasions and tastes, and not just in fandom either. 

All the people I ship romantically with this character: 



Captain John Watson.

Dr. Watson.

I’m desperately single-note here, I realise. I do like other ships, but I can’t -create- anything other than Johnlock when it comes to Sherlock ships, I find. *shrug* it goes like that sometimes. I’ve read some fics with others, and I thought they were pretty good! but… they didn’t stick with me for some reason. 

My non-romantic OTP for this character: 

Molly, for sure, but a situation where they’ve got past the unrequited longing and found something more comfortable for them both. 

Or Lestrade. There’s really nowhere near enough fanfics that explore just the variety of friendships. Mrs. Hudson too! 

I also love Wiggins and Sherlock hanging out. I don’t really have an OTP here, I have lots of things I like. Sherlock & Everyone. 

My unpopular opinion about this character:

Not sure if I have a really unpopular opinion about Sherlock. Maybe that he’s always going to be an addict in some form or other. He’d have long sober stretches, but he’d always need something - maybe not drugs- but something to focus on. 

One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon:

I wish it had just taken it that bit slower in the jump between S3 and S4. It also feels like they ducked adapting some really great cases, but having tried to write cases, dear god I can appreciate hitting a point where you’d rather take a cheese grater to a tender bit of anatomy than do another case. 


Take two wild guesses. 

My cross over ship:
Not a ship, as such, but Cowboy Bebop crossover: Sherlock meeting Spike Spiegel. They’d smoke and bitch together and each would think the other was a jackass. Also can you imagine Faye Valentine and Irene Adler in the same room? Also Ed would happily hack his computer and I think Jet and John would sigh old man sighs like ‘So. This is how we live now.’ and Jet and Mrs. Hudson would be INSTANT pals. Ein would roll on Sherlock’s towels and Sherlock wouldn’t even mind, Faye would bitch there was nothing but old cheese and an ear in the fridge, and then eat it all anyway because frankly, she’s seen worse.

God it gets better the more I think about it. 

A headcanon fact:

Hmm. I can’t think of anything that clever at the moment. How about–Sherlock has a really unsophisticated palate? He can identify 143 different kinds of ash, but he only objectively knows the difference between say… wines? He can’t actually taste the difference, and he doesn’t really care. He’s happy enough with economy value beans, egg ‘n’ chips as he is with anything else.  

Coco Chanel, one of the most (if not the most for her time) influential fashion designers. Everyone knows her for the little black dress, as well as quotes like 

In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different”

“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.”

But what is the real history of Chanel? Gabrielle Chanel was born in a poorhouse in 1883 to an unmarried mother and a nomadic street peddler. At the age of 12 her mother died, and her father sent her to a Catholic orphanage for girls, where she learned to sew. She left at age 18 and started working as a seamstress. Eventually she opened her own hat boutique, which became popularized by an actress at that time. 

In 1936 one of her boutiques was forced closed due to a workers strike for higher pay and so forth. So, in 1939, during the German occupation, she closed her shops and forced nearly 4,000 female workers out of jobs. Through the entire occupation she was in a relationship with Baron Hans Gunther von Dincklage, who was a German officer who was an operative in military intelligence since 1920. 

Dincklage arranged for her to stay at the hotel Ritz (same place Lady Di was minutes before she died) during the entire occupation. She was widely known as hating Jewish people. 

In 1940 became a Nazi spy, and even had an SS officer. In 1943, she traveled to Berlin with Dincklage to meet Heinrich Himmler. She became a key component in a plot involving Winston Churchill, who reportedly told the British ambassador to France to protect Chanel. Later on she exposed British officials and high standing officers as being Nazi sympathizers. She, of course never faced prosecution. 

Hal Vaughn wrote a biography about Chanel, in which he said: 

I was looking for something else and I came across this document saying ‘Chanel is a Nazi agent’…Then I really started hunting through all of the archives, in the United States, in London, in Berlin and in Rome and I came across not one, but 20, 30, 40 absolutely solid archival materials on Chanel and her lover Baron Hans Gunther von Dinklage, who was a professional Abwehr spy.”

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