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Beechers Brook

Hello Guys! Happy Friday!

How has this week been treating you? Its been wonderful reading some of your feedback and comments and i honestly love that. I really appreciate it.

But alright today i pulled out my Two-Piece set from the designer brand Beechers Brook. This playsuit was actually bought by my auntie back when BB was still HUGE. But she never had the guts to wear it, and tbh it can be a little dull. Hence i tied up the midwaist to add a bit of edgy and a separate between the top and bottoms, otherwise it can be a bit of a drag cause its both baggy and all the same pattern. And because as you all know by know im a sucker for crop tops. Which according to NYFW is back in style. Another big trend NYFW taught me is that mixed prints are sooo in right now. So i feel pretty tops. It’s so busy already i played it down with accessories and only wore a simple LOVE ring. (oh and i apologize for soo many pictures. its just there were so many good ones and i love this playsuit!)

It’s sad how Beechers Brook isn’t one of those huge and overly-celebrated designer labels, because they really deserve to be. I did my research on this brand and saw so many amazing pieces. And they’re blazers are to die for. I talked to some other BB owners and they swear by their items. ITS LITERALLY THAT RAD! :D You can get some Beechers Brook for your self from many online store so if ur looking for some awesome pieces you can check that out maybe. :)

Tell me what you think, and how would you rock this? Also what do you think about the new trends set at NYFW this year. A blog will be up about that sooon!

And i wish you a merry weekend,