designer kids shoes

arstudios2000 submitted:

My own designs for Caretaker!Chara.

So he doesn’t wear shoes (instead, he wears wrappings on his feet) because let’s just face it…the Dreemurrs aren’t the shoe-wearing type (Actually, how many monsters even wear shoes?)

In'normal’ mode, Chara’s eyes are brown. When in ‘Determination’ mode, his eyes switch color to red (and a pattern appears on them too)

Normally I don’t mind the kids (and occasional hellspawn) at my job at the warehouse of designer shoes/shoe hell (kids at my other job are a whole different matter… so many temper tantrums. in a library. in the sole quiet area in the whole building.) but… lately they’ve been so freaking cute. Like, a few weeks ago I died my hair blue (yay for an updated dress code!) and all of the little kids are just fascinated by it. I’ve stopped a few kids from crying because they couldn’t stop looking at me!

I’ve also been wearing a walking boot the last few days because of a sprain and one little girl was so worried about me. When I told her that I was only hurt a little, she was so relieved! I hate being on the register, but she (almost) made it worth it that day.

(another blue hair story - I had told a customer that I’m going to Disneyland soon, and she told me I’d be a good cast member there! I didn’t have the heart to tell her that no matter how happy of a person I seem, Disney wouldn’t let me have blue hair lol)