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Soulmate!Park Jihoon

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my laptop broke the first two times i tried to post this please appreciate

Genre;; fluff + uhh college!au,, fashion designer!au uh soulmate!au obviously

Warnings;; theres a bit of self-deprecation here and mentions of like low self esteem ??

Pairing;; Park Jihoon x reader


Soulmate AU Type;; when you and your soulmate touch, you both feel sparks until you get together lol its a v simple one this time

Summary;; You met Park Jihoon in the first year of college. Since then you’ve always felt a spark, but you haven’t yet felt the spark you really want…

Style;; bullet point

Word Count;; 1785

Also in this series;; DanielWoojin

I’m posting this as a thank you for 100 followers (i think its 115 now??) and also because i am bored… i’ve had my ribena it’s time to WRITE also excuse me?? i love jihoons fashion sense. give me that boy in a beret any day i’ll take it. this was written when i was in a bit of a slump so if it’s bad i’m so sorry but ill do the requests ASSSSSSSSSSSSAP

  • your parents told you about the ‘sparks’ thing when you were really young
  • you used to dream that you’d meet a real life prince and touch his hand and then you’d feel the sparks and you really like romanticised that as a kid lol
  • all the way through your life your friends were finding their soulmates, some even in kindergarten lol
  • but you never seemed to have much luck and your mum always joked that you were still waiting for that prince to come along
  • you decided that really soulmates weren’t the most important thing in life and although it would be nice to meet yours;; you’d rather explore other passions
  • so you took up designing fashion
  • your school offered design and technology courses so you took a couple and realised it was something you really enjoyed
  • you were always the best at being able to make old clothes into something new fresh and wonderful
  • when you got accepted into the best fashion college in the country you almost had a heart attack

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