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I’m currently working on a life-sized Maleficent sculpture, and I’d love to post her to this blog when she’s closer to being finished. Tonight I took a break from her to sketch out my version of the Queen of Hearts. The concept has been floating around in my mind for a few weeks now~♤♡◇♧ She’s inspired by one of the face characters from Club Villain and the classic + new movie designs. She’s a bit mad and I’d love to do more concept sketching ;) 

Hope you like her!   [Instagram Post]


Cruella De Vil: And what is it that you do that allows you to support Anita in such…splendor?

Roger: I design video games.

Cruella: Video games…Is he having me on?

Anita: No, he’s very good at it, and it’s a growing business.

Cruella: Those horrible, noisy things that children play with on their televisions? Someone designs them? What a senseless thing to do with your life.

-”101 Dalmatians” (1996)  


So happy to show you guys my Vanessa Ooak doll. I have been working on this doll for so long and I’m so happy she is complete and I LOVE how she turned out.
She was originally a Belle doll and @arianbutlerart did an AMAZING repaint job!
I did a sketch of what I wanted the outfit to look like and the incredible @stardustdolls made it even better than what I asked for lol. I then added rhinestones and to the bodice and skirt.
I gave her a full re-root with darker brown hair and styled her hair, which was so hard lol
Hope you guys like her 💜


Disney’s Fairytale Designer Collection 


Some concept art I did for the Witch in Snow White. My friend DaVid and I are working on a video for the 80th anniversary of hte Disney film and this will be how the Witch will look in our version! Less cartoony, more like an aged version of the evil queen… slightly creepy, a hint of her former beauty, elegant, terrible