designer cookware

Brothers Stephen and Chris Muscarella, founders of The Field Company, became acquainted with cast iron as kids — the hefty vintage skillets were a staple of their family’s kitchen arsenal. “When we both shipped out on our own, we were each given a vintage pan that had accumulated many years of love and use,” they say. But in recent years, they noticed that cast iron pans just weren’t made the way they used to be.

That’s why The Field Company’s first foray into cookware, The Field Skillet, is a painstakingly designed cast iron pan “reminiscent of the best vintage of American skillets, but with a modern twist.” Like the best vintage pans, these skillets are machined and polished for an exceptionally smooth cooking surface, but they’re also lighter than a traditional cast iron pan — in fact, The Field Skillet is lighter than a 13-inch MacBook Pro, the brothers say. Get roasting, frying, and searing here!