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I read the first chapter of @sakhyu‘s fanfic ICE!!! Online and just had to draw Yuuri and Pichit!! What adorable cuties!

In the virtual reality game ICE!!! Online, Katsuki Yuuri is a demonic-looking angel Cleric who is actually quite bad-ass … at least according to his Warrior friend Phichit. Yuuri just wants to level up quickly without running into random Mob Bosses, though he certainly wouldn’t mind it if he ran into his idol, top player Viktor Nikiforov. That is, he thought he wouldn’t. Yuuri wasn’t too sure now, especially when the man had … all but glued himself to his side?!


Discovered an amazing online clothing store on Amazon today, called Artka Design. This is just the surface of all the stuff they have available, and I feel it’s perfect for mori kei, strega fashion, boho fashion, or a combo. :3 Only thing though, and they do mention it on a lot of their items for sale, they are a bit on the smaller side for most items, so make sure to check out the measurements before buying. And they are a bit pricey. But I did notice some big discounts via Amazon, so that’s pretty cool. :) I might buy from them soon, maybe around tax return season, and then I’ll write a review. :D Hopefully I’m tall enough for what I wanna buy, since I’m only 4 feet, 11 inches tall. >.> Happy Shopping!

Link for Artka on Amazon here.


So tired, going to bed right away. This is the look I wore, changed the trousers as they can get really hot really quick. So choose to wear a pair of black jeans. Btw, can’t wait for my other stuff I ordered from Topman to arrive. Note to myself, don’t order before going to bed. Ordered some t shirts and sweatshirts. Felt like I needed it.