designer c

I might have mentioned to my professor when I submitted my original play that I, uh, have already drawn a lot of the characters from it so;; he asked me to send them all to him :0

So I went and did some “concept art” of everyone haha, though technically it counts since it’s the first time I’ve drawn all of them full-body, and the first time I’ve even colored Ava, so yeah ^^ (I didn’t include Lucian because I didn’t feel like coming up with an outfit for him. Laziness at it’s peak right here)

You know the drill, all of these dorks belong to me, please don’t steal them or their outfit designs c:

Ive been feeling really bleh so i drew more of lucio in a sweater (hes bummed because its not sweater weather yet)

Edit: You can find this sweater’s pattern available on stuff on my society6!

Winter gals!